Your Personality Might Be the Cause of Your Weight!

Your personality may be the cause of your weight.
Your personality may be the cause of your weight.

Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gave important information about the subject. Have you tried many diets, various exercises and all kinds of remedies but still can't lose weight? Maybe you even gained weight. Perhaps the reason why you cannot lose weight despite all your efforts may be due to your personality. Your personality may be sabotaging your diet to lose weight or stay in shape. Some of the personality types that can cause weight gain and loss are:

Lazy and lethargic : Those with this type of personality are usually predisposed. They cannot eat healthy and properly. They try to feel full in the easiest way. They believe that even though they are fed so badly, a weight loss drug they take will make them weak and make everything right. Those with this personality must first understand that there is no such miracle of weight loss. It is necessary to teach that if we do not feed our body properly and do not give it the protein, fat and vitamin minerals it needs, our body cannot return to its ideal structure and therefore cannot weaken. They should know that losing weight can be with regular and nutritious foods, not by being hungry.

Carbohydrate freaks: Those included in this group cannot do without carbohydrates, they want to eat either sweets, bread, pastries or fruit. It is impossible for them to be happy otherwise. In fact, those included in this group grew up eating their food very well when they were babies. Since they were able to grow up by eating their food at that time, it means that they were able to digest carbohydrates, proteins and fats in their food with the help of their digestive systems. Since their bodies, which did not want sugar at that time, could not do this digestion process, they started to want sweet and pastry foods produced in the factory in a way that they could turn into sugar without the need for digestion. Carbohydrate lovers, if they eat regularly for a while and stay away from sweet and pastry foods, these cravings will decrease as the digestion of food improves.

Those who are overworked and workaholic: For people with this personality, work is so important that a piece of bagel or a little toast in the morning is enough for their bodies until the evening. Because of such an unhealthy diet, they become very hungry in the evening and try to eat whatever comes their way. Then they think, why can't I stop eating dinner? Obesity is their destiny because they do not feed themselves properly. People in this group complain, "I can't eat, why am I fat?" In fact, they can't believe that they are fat because they can't take care of their bodies properly because they don't eat. All they need is their own body and their body's needs first. When it comes to our body and health, the rest is details.

Impatient:  People with this type of personality are also very impatient about losing weight. For them, when they don't eat, the pounds should go right off. Every morning, on an empty stomach, they take off all their clothes and are weighed. They even take off the socks they're wearing and are so weighed that they can see the full gram. Not having breakfast in the morning is a loss of 500 g for them, and the food they do not eat for lunch is 1 kg. With such a performance, they aim for 10 kilos per week. But unfortunately, their week starts on Monday morning and ends on Tuesday at noon at the latest. Thus, they cannot reach their goal of 10 kilos, moreover, because they are very hungry, they gain back the 1-2 kilos they lost with a lot of effort. Our advice to those with this personality is to remember that the next meal they skip is an unpaid bill and to remember that they will have to pay these bills eventually. A healthy and regular diet strengthens the body and enables it to overcome obesity.

 Undecided: People in this group cannot decide what to do, they go on a diet for 1-2 days. When they start to lose some weight, they get enthusiastic and start sports. They get more hungry because they exaggerate the sport. When they are more hungry, they start to eat because I am doing sports anyway. They leave the diet and continue to exercise. Over time, they cannot continue the sport and continue their lives with more weight gain. Our advice to those in this group is that no sports can melt what you eat. Do sports to work the digestive system better. In short, it should be done to strengthen digestion, not to spend sports, and it should be done without getting tired before eating anything at night.

Junk food and ready-made labor eaters: They think that they make a profit in every meal they do not eat, but they do not take into account the junk food they eat in between. In general, instead of eating a nice nutritious meal, they prefer ready meals that are easier to reach and have a high carbohydrate content. Since they cannot eat regularly, they cannot get rid of their weight even though they do not eat anything by themselves. Those in this group should switch to regular nutrition, they should definitely eat breakfast and lunch in the morning. Thus, over time, their cravings for junk food decrease, and because they are fed better, their bodies become offended and they get rid of the weight problem.

Günceleme: 27/07/2021 13:52

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