Work in Eğribel Tunnel Continues Uninterrupted

Work in the egribel tunnel continues uninterrupted
Work in the egribel tunnel continues uninterrupted

Work continues uninterruptedly on the Eğribel Tunnel, which will provide safe and comfortable transportation at the Eğribel Pass, located on the Giresun Dereli Şebinkarahisar road axis, which connects the Eastern Black Sea Region to Central Anatolia and the southern regions.

Excavation and support works have been completed in both tubes of the Eğribel Tunnel, which will be one of the most important tunnels of our country with a length of 5 meters. A total of 900 meters of final coating concrete, of which 4 m in the right tube and 969 m in the left tube of the tunnel, where tunnel lining and other works are continuing, was made.

The 1860 km double tube tunnel, which starts at the entrance level of 5,9 m, ends at 2,86 m with a slope of 1720 percent.

With the completion of the tunnel, which includes 1,8 km of connection roads, the security threats in the Eğribel Passage, where transportation stops from time to time due to the storm and the storm, will be eliminated. The road will be shortened by 6,5 kilometers, saving 25 minutes of time.

The tunnel, which will contribute to the trade, economy, industry and tourism of the region, as well as uninterrupted traffic flow and comfortable transportation service, is expected to be completed in 2022.​ ​

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