What Advantages Does Knowing English Provide You in Business Life?

What advantages does knowing English provide you in your business life?
What advantages does knowing English provide you in your business life?

The importance of knowing English is becoming increasingly important in working life, as it is in every field in the globalizing world. kazanwas. Knowing English for business is now more of a necessity than a necessity. English language skills, one of the most basic competencies required by working life today, offer employees the opportunity to expand their career horizons and increase their income opportunities by increasing their employability.

Beils, the leading brand of online English education with the motto "The power is in the source, the difference is in the results", "Why should we learn English for a successful career?" addressed the question. Beils education consultants have compiled for you the importance of knowing English on job opportunities and careers.

Promotion and promotion in the workplace

Among the effects of knowing English on job opportunities, it is one of the most important that it provides professional progress by improving business skills. An employee with a good command of English is much more likely to be promoted in the private or public sector than another non-English speaking employee with similar career experience and educational background. By acquiring the ability to communicate effectively in English, you can master one of the most valuable employment skills of the 21st century and easily climb the ladder to rise in your organization.

Content prepared on Beils online English platforms; It supports the development of competencies such as making presentations and managing an effective interview process, which are of great importance in corporate life. You can reach your goals in the most accurate and fastest way thanks to the Beils training platform, which is prepared by considering the differences in subject and terminology between the daily use of English and its use in business life!

Career development and vocational training

Thanks to English, which is the indisputable international common language of communication in many different fields from medicine to engineering, from maritime to informatics; By closely following the professional developments in your career, you can conduct research on the subjects you want to specialize in, and closely monitor the work of your colleagues from all over the world. In addition, you can participate in vocational training and specialization certificate programs in the field you are interested in, both online and abroad, and you can increase your competitiveness in the working world with career development trainings.

Beils offers English speaking programs in over 200 different professional fields, from law, medicine, tourism, automotive, deep-sea oil exploration company to cloud technology specialist. The biggest difference of these trainings, each of which is prepared with a personalized and differentiated program, is that it consists of up-to-date industry content that provides developments in their personal areas of expertise while teaching English to the participants.

Professional networking and professional connection development

English language skills bring you closer to colleagues from all over the world. In Beils, students have the chance to improve their effective English listening and pronunciation skills by working with the artificial intelligence virtual teacher SpeechTrainer®, as well as face-to-face lessons with expert teachers.

Effective English communication skills allow you to confidently develop your professional network and diversify your professional contacts. You can interact with colleagues to exchange ideas, share your career journeys for inspiration or advice, and talk about your views and work. By keeping in touch with the connections you will gain at events such as international conferences and symposiums, you can ensure that you are kept in mind for brand new career opportunities.

Wider job opportunities

Candidates with English language proficiency have access to wider career opportunities in today's competitive working life. Another reflection of the importance of English in business life is that English proficiency plays a decisive role in recruitment processes, both in the private sector and in public institutions. According to a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn; 90% of HR Directors, CEOs and CMOs said having English-speaking employees is beneficial for their business to be successful.

Confidence before your English job interviews kazanOne of the most effective ways to learn is to attend Beils' online English course… Beils' globally successful online English speaking courses and expert tutors will guide you and provide the full support you need to improve your English language skills!

Global career opportunities

When English is mentioned in business life, global career opportunities also become accessible. We can say that a good command of English is the passport you will have to pursue your career in the country and company of your dreams, or to access unique remote work opportunities. According to an international survey conducted by the University of Cambridge that reflects a global analysis of language skills in the workplace; English language skills are required by more than 95% of employers in many countries where English is not the official language. In countries where English is not the official language, 69% of employers stated that English is important to their organization. In countries where English is the official language, this rate rises to 97% of all employers.

While teaching English in its online corporate trainings, Beils offers up-to-date content that enables development in personal areas of expertise. Students who receive corporate English education have access to content where they can learn about industry trends in the world, while speaking English and improving their vocabulary in their own fields. These contents also guide students and institutions in setting goals in their career fields.

Higher income and standard of living

We mentioned that knowing English for a career is one of the most valuable employment skills of the 21st century. Globally, HR executives state that job seekers with good command of English are employed for 30 to 50 percent higher wages. Improve your fluent English speaking skills with Beils; By increasing your employability, it will help you succeed in being both current and permanent in business life. Thus, you can have the opportunity to earn more income and increase your standard of living.

Discover Beils personalized English tutorials

We seem to hear you say how we will find time to improve our English skills for a career in our busy personal calendars, as well as in our high-paced business life. That's why it's time to explore Beils' personalized, flexible and comprehensive online English learning programs to become the hero of your own success story!

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