Waiting Times Decreased at Istanbul Izmir Highway Toll Offices

Waiting times are decreasing at istanbul izmir highway tolls
Waiting times are decreasing at istanbul izmir highway tolls

Thanks to the application launched on the Istanbul-Izmir Highway, drivers who have insufficient balance at the HGS-OGS toll booths will be able to make their payment transactions within 15 days, without paying with cash or credit card, by pressing the buttons at the toll booths, with the violating pass form.

Within the scope of the application put into effect by Otoyol Yatırım ve İşletme A.Ş., drivers receive a "violation pass notification form" by pressing the button placed at the HGS-OGS toll booths.

The drivers, who continue on their way with the opening of the barrier immediately after, can pay the toll within 15 days with the directions written in the notification. Information about their passage can be followed by entering license plate information on e-Government, General Directorate of Highways (kgm.gov.tr), Otoyol AŞ (otoyolas.com.tr) websites and Otoyol Mobile application.

The push-button pass, which has been put into use in most of the toll booths on the 426-kilometer highway with the connection roads, will be implemented at all HGS-OGS exit tolls until the end of the year.

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