Uninterrupted Travel to 81 Provinces of Turkey with ZES Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Uninterrupted travel to the province of Turkey with zes electric vehicle charging station
Uninterrupted Travel to 81 Provinces of Turkey with ZES Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES), the electric charging station network that is one of Zorlu Energy's biggest investments to implement new generation technologies, continues to expand the number of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the country.

ZES, which started to serve with 1000 stations with investments made without slowing down despite the pandemic period, provides drivers who will drive in the city or long distance during the Eid al-Adha holiday, with its widespread network in 81 provinces and easily accessible locations, the opportunity to quickly charge their vehicles.

Electric vehicles, the use of which is increasing in Turkey as well as all over the world, are preferred by consumers due to their energy efficiency, performance, convenience, low operating costs, as well as being quiet, and they are spreading faster than expected. With the new generation technologies it has implemented, Zorlu Energy continues to expand its investments in the electric vehicle ecosystem by expanding the charging stations for electric vehicles with the electric charging station network ZES, which it established in 2018.

Uninterrupted journey to every point of Turkey during the holiday

Continuing its efforts to facilitate the transportation of electric vehicle owners and to offer an uninterrupted driving experience, not only for urban use, but also for intercity travel, ZES has reached 81 stations in all 1.000 provinces. ZES high-speed charging stations can charge 4 vehicles at the same time, and vehicles can reach 30 percent charge level in 80 minutes. With this development, ZES has significantly expanded the travel routes of electric vehicle drivers, and will provide drivers who want to drive long distances in Eid al-Adha with an uninterrupted route all over Turkey.

Aiming to accelerate the movement of electric cars in our country and to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions at the same time, with the electric vehicle charging station network ZES, Zorlu Energy aims to carry its know-how to the surrounding geographies, especially Europe.

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