Iran Ranks First in Tobacco Products, USA Ranks First in Leaf Tobacco

In Tutun Products Iran Leaf Tutude USA Ranks First
In Tutun Products Iran Leaf Tutude USA Ranks First

According to the records of the Aegean Tobacco Exporters' Association, 2021 million dollars of leaf tobacco and tobacco products were exported in the first half of 16, with a decrease of 357 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Leaf tobacco accounted for 108 million dollars and tobacco products for 249 million dollars of the said exports.

There was a decrease in both leaf tobacco and tobacco products within two main product groups. Tobacco products exports, which were 6 million dollars in the first 97 months of last year, decreased by 2021 percent in the same period of 16 and amounted to 249 million dollars.

Cigarettes were the most exported products in tobacco products in the 6-month period. In this period, a total of 150 million dollars of cigarette exports were realized. Our other product, which is at the forefront of exports, was hookah tobacco, which achieved an export performance of 7 million dollars with an increase of 55 percent compared to the first six months of the previous year.

When viewed as a country, the highest tobacco products export through the Union was to Iran with 43 million dollars. Iran was followed by Iraq, Israel, the USA and Turkmenistan, respectively. In the first half of the year, when tobacco products were exported to a total of 99 countries, exports to the first 10 countries accounted for 62 percent of total exports.

Looking at the export of leaf tobacco, according to the Union's records, 6-month leaf tobacco exports amounted to 1 thousand tons with a 22 percent decrease in quantity and 16 million dollars with a 108 percent decrease in value.

When we examine the countries where leaf tobacco is exported; We see that the USA comes first with 20 million dollars.

Indonesia follows the USA with an export of 6 million dollars with an increase of 44 percent in the first 18 months. After the USA and Indonesia, Poland follows with 10 million dollars of exports, Belgium with 8 million dollars and Russia with 6 million dollars.

Ukraine, which came after Russia, was the country with the highest increase rate with 52 percent progress and 5.7 million dollars of leaf tobacco was exported to this country.

Although our exports of both leaf tobacco and finished products remained low in the first 6 months compared to the previous year, we believe that we will reach the target of 900 billion dollars in the remaining half, exceeding the 1 million dollars export amount we realized in the previous year.

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