Defense Industry Giants of Turkey and the World Will Meet at IDEF'21 Fair

Turkey and the world's defense industry giants will meet at the Idef
Turkey and the world's defense industry giants will meet at the Idef

Under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, hosted by the Ministry of National Defense, under the management and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım A.Ş. IDEF'21, the 15th International Defense Industry Fair, will be held physically, as always, at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, between 17-20 August 2021.

More than 21 companies from Turkey and abroad are expected to attend IDEF'1.170, the most important meeting platform of Turkey's and the world's defense industry giants. While declaring that 116 delegations will attend the fair, the returns of the delegations continue. The fact that this figure has already been reached shows that the fair will be productive in terms of international business meetings. It is emphasized that this number will be much higher until the opening of the fair. 28 Ministers are among the high-level officials who announced that they will attend the fair.

The most important meeting of the authorities responsible for defense procurement

IDEF'21 stated that 15 Ministers will attend the 28th International Defense Industry Fair so far. In addition to the Ministers, the delegations to attend the fair include many senior officials at the level of Chief of Staff, Land Forces Commander, Naval Forces Commander, Air Force Commander, Deputy Chief of General Staff, Deputy Minister, Gendarmerie General Commander, Chief of Police, Coast Guard Commander and Undersecretary. The increase in the interest of senior officials responsible for defense procurement in the fair this year already informs that IDEF'21 will be very productive and reach its goals. IDEF hosted 2019 delegations and 71 delegation members from 3 countries and 151 international organizations in 588.

Official delegation invitations from abroad to IDEF'21 increased

In the 15th International Defense Industry Fair, foreign delegation invitations were made by the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Interior and its affiliates, Presidency of Defense Industries, on the basis of reciprocity, as in previous fairs. The interest of foreign delegations to IDEF, which is held every two years, is very high this year. While the preparations for IDEF'21 continued, the number of invited delegations increased to 455. While the returns to these invitations are starting to be received much earlier than the previous fairs, it is emphasized that this number will increase until the opening of the fair.

The Talks Platform is getting ready for the participants

As in 2019, this year, the Exhibitor-Participant, Delegation-Participant, Participant-Turkish Procurement Authority, Delegation-Turkish Procurement Authority, Delegation-Delegation meetings will be held in a planned manner. Work is carried out meticulously by a special team in order to organize the meetings and to carry out the meetings with maximum efficiency during the fair.

With the IDEF Business Connect program developed by Tüyap Fairs Group and the digital solutions it offers, exhibitors will be able to establish new business connections and initiate new partnerships with visitors who cannot come to the physical fair.

The advantages of the physical fair are combined with the possibilities of the digital world!

With the digital solutions offered by IDEF'21, exhibitors and visitors will come together in a virtual environment through the Business Connect Program, an online business networking platform, and will be able to arrange meetings and maintain their communication there. With this online service, participants will be just a click away from their potential customers and new business partners. Within the scope of the Business Connect Program, it will be possible to message with the participating companies before the fair, and to meet online or face-to-face between 17-20 August 2021.

IDEF'21 will also experience the hybrid fair

IDEF'21 will also provide its participants with the “next generation hybrid fair” experience where digital applications are used effectively. Digital platforms, originally developed by Tüyap and created using the smart matching system and special algorithms, will contribute to the establishment of new collaborations by defense industry professionals.

Safe Service

At IDEF, which receives great interest from exhibitors and visitors every year it is held, every precaution will be taken for an efficient and safe fair environment, and COVID-19 measures will be meticulously implemented this year. It is emphasized that Tüyap Istanbul Fair and Congress Center, where IDEF'21 will be held, is the first exhibition center to have the Turkish Standards Institute COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate.

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