Turkey Population Map Has Been Released

Turkey's population map was drawn
Turkey's population map was drawn

The General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of Interior prepared the population map of Turkey on the occasion of July 11, World Population Day.

According to the population map prepared on the basis of the Address Registration System, independently of the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK);

  • The region with the highest population density in Turkey 24.899.126 Marmara, where people live, is the lowest region. 6.513.106 Eastern Anatolia, where people live.
  • The population of the Central Anatolia Region 12.896.255,
  • The population of the Mediterranean Region 10.584.506,
  • The population of the Aegean Region 10.477.153,
  • Population of Southeastern Anatolia Region 8.576.391,
  • The population of the Black Sea Region is 7.696.132.

Highest Population in Istanbul, Least Population in Bayburt

Population distribution by provinces first place 14.820.355 the person lives Istanbul Real Estate is located. Istanbul, 5.452.320 with the population Ankara4.308.112 with the population İzmir3.060.177 with the population Bursa2.442.488 with the population Antalya following. Among the least populated provinces of Turkey 78.324 s Bayburt88.534 s TunceliArdahan with 94.586 ve Kilis with 138.632 ranks.

According to the distribution of men and women;
  • in Marmara 12.483.740 men, 12.415.386 women is alive.
  • in Central Anatolia 6.407.291 men, 6.488.964 women,
  • in the Mediterranean 5.214.804 men, 5.269.702 women,
  • in Southeast Anatolia 4.333.219 men, 4.243.172 women,
  • In the Black Sea 3.828.053 men, 3.868.079 women,
  • in Eastern Anatolia 3.308.921 men, 3.204.185 women has a population.

Population Over 80

The region with the highest population aged 80 and over is Marmara with 429.781.. Marmara is followed by Aegean with 267.637 people, Central Anatolia with 264.426 people, Black Sea with 244.535, Mediterranean with 185.443 people and Eastern Anatolia with 97.588 people. The region with the lowest population aged 80 and over is Southeastern Anatolia with 88.511.

Population Under 17

The regional distribution of the 0-17 age group in Turkey is also included in the population map. The highest young population is in Marmara with 6.076.943.also lives. 3.300.970 people in Southeastern Anatolia Region, 3.194.725 people in Central Anatolia Region, 2.921.000 people in Mediterranean Region, 2.322.319 people in Aegean Region, 2.169.800 people in Eastern Anatolia Region, 1.659.409 people in Black Sea Region It is in the 0-17 age range.

turkey population map
turkey population map

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