Tunnel Excavations Started on Kaynarca Pendik Tuzla Metro Line!

Tunnel excavations started on the metro line with boiled pendik salt
Tunnel excavations started on the metro line with boiled pendik salt

Ekrem İmamoğlu The new IMM administration, headed by the new IMM administration, restarted the production of the Kaynarca - Pendik - Tuzla metro line, which the old administration started in 2017 and stopped in 2 due to lack of funds when its physical progress was at the stage of 2018 per thousand, in February 2020 with the financing found. IMM lowered the TBM device, which will accelerate the work on the 2-stage line, to the shaft at a depth of 53 meters. Speaking at the ceremony held before the TBM device started the drilling process, İBB President İmamoğlu said; He gave the good news that the 4,9 kilometer Pendik-Kaynarca line will be put into service in 2023 and the 9 kilometer Kaynarca-Tuzla line will be put into service in 2024. Emphasizing that Istanbul should be managed with a common mind, İmamoğlu said, “We need to transform the future of the city of Istanbul into a text of unchangeable rules. Istanbul is not a city that can be pulled and pulled from the right, left, belly, hair, head," he said.

The former Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) administration launched the Kaynarca - Pendik - Tuzla metro line, which consists of 13 independent metro lines with 9 stations of 2 kilometers, in 2017. The works on the Pendik-Kaynarca line of 4,9 kilometers with 2 stations and the Kaynarca-Tuzla lines of 9,10 kilometers with 7 stations were stopped in 2 due to insufficient funds, while their physical progress was at the stage of 2018 per thousand. Ekrem İmamoğlu IMM, under the management of IMM, provided a loan of 8 million Euros from the French Development Agency on November 2019, 86, to be used in the financing of the two lines, which are among the stopped metro investments. With this loan obtained in February 2020, the works on the lines were restarted. With the Eurobond issuance in December 2020, a further 34 million Euro financial contribution was provided to the project.


The new IMM administration, which solved the financing problem of the lines, brought the TBMs (Tunel Boring Machine - Tunnel Boring Machines) to the tunnels, which will carry out the digging operations of the Kaynarca - Pendik - Tuzla metro lines. The ceremony held due to the start of excavation of TBMs, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIt was held with the participation of Pelin Alpkökin, Head of IMM Rail Systems Department, made the first speech at the ceremony. Alpkökin stated that they have activated the 7th TBM device on the Anatolian side since they started their duty, and shared the following information:

“The TBM will start operating in the 53-meter-deep shaft. It's a little different from the shafts we've launched before. The reason for this is; This line, which started in 2017 and then stopped, is when we find 2020 million credits and start it again in 120, and when we put it before us, we see that this project is not viable due to site delivery problems and other troubles. Therefore, we quickly entered into project revisions and took these TBMs, which are planned to be operated from Pendik, to Kaynarca. This project, in our opinion, is the most important project of the Anatolian side. The line, which we call 'first stage' today, built by our ministry to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Kadıköy-Kartal- We are starting the TBMs of the most important integration line of the Anatolian side, although it is 4,9 kilometers, which connects Tavşantepe to Marmaray line and Pendik to sea routes. In other words; In terms of urban transport impact, this 4,9 is very, very important. In 2023, we will open this line and Sabiha Gökçen line, Marmaray, Kadıköy-We will unite Tavsantepe and sea routes in Pendik.”


Expressing that Istanbul is a city that is always busy with transportation, İmamoğlu also said, “A system that says 'I will solve the transportation problem completely' is not possible in Istanbul. It is not anywhere in the world”. “The important thing is; Saying that in such big cities, it is the city to construct the process in the most accurate way, to include a system that allows people to spend more time in the city with the least loss of time, and to use it efficiently," İmamoğlu said, "In this sense, the most important pillar of transportation in cities like ours is metro production, rail systems. . Therefore, we attach special importance to this work in Istanbul. Perhaps the most important obstacle in front of Istanbul in this planning is Istanbul's misconceptions about city planning. In other words, the absence of a roadmap," he said.


Reminding that the definition of "Istanbul should never exceed 2009 million" in the "1/100.000 plan" decision taken by the IMM Assembly unanimously in 15, İmamoğlu said, "Only 12 years later, almost today's Istanbul was built with the existing construction order, -I'm not saying it will be done, look- it is a city with a building stock that will keep 21-22 million people alive in its structured form. Therefore, at the point where Istanbul plans its present or a near future, it is also obliged to take unchanging and very clear decisions about its future. Together, we need to transform the future of the city of Istanbul into an immutable text of rules, completely and decisively, so to speak. Istanbul is not a city to be pulled and pulled from the right, left, belly, hair and head. the city of Istanbul; It should be designed with a common mind, an understanding where all institutions come together at the same table, principle decisions should be taken, and we should clearly reveal what kind of Istanbul we will live in between 2050 and 2100.”


Emphasizing that they are carrying out serious studies in this sense, İmamoğlu said, "We are holding workshops and meetings with all the institutions of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, all its stakeholders, and even with all the public, institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations, political parties that we want to contribute, especially with our Istanbul Planning Agency. We wish to explain the process to the city of Istanbul, to the people of Istanbul, and to decide together and turn this journey into a kind of decision text. We'll finish this quickly. And we will all be aware of this journey of Istanbul.” Emphasizing that Istanbul has become the city that builds the most rail systems in the world at the same time, İmamoğlu said, “This is a valuable achievement. We are continuing these works on 10 lines.”


Giving the good news that the 4,9 kilometer Pendik-Kaynarca line will be put into service in 2023 and the 9 kilometer Kaynarca-Tuzla line will be put into service in 2024, İmamoğlu shared information about the financing they found for the projects in question. Expressing his success in finding finance, İmamoğlu said:

“This is actually an important indicator that we are acting with the seriousness of local government, with a responsibility to manage public finances. In our corporate structure, we have the view that you can achieve any kind of success with transparency, accountability and the confidence you provide. If you set out in this way, the projects that you promised to the public will not be able to start, not even one percent, you will turn them into an institution that carries out the process. We are now alone with a rapid progress by planning this process in the most accurate way with our companies, in a way that we took over with a starting rate of well below even one percent and started the process quickly. Today, TBM starts digging. We will commission the second TBM in the near future. I would like to thank all my friends, technical friends, fellow travelers and the cooperation of our contractor companies.”

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