Trainings Continuing at Feza Gürsey Science Center

Trainings continue at feza gursey science center
Trainings continue at feza gursey science center

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Feza Gürsey Science Center, with the start of the normalization process, started to attract great interest in trainings. Continuing its activities within the scope of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the "Feza Gürsey Science Center" continues its activities from where it left off so that the children of the Capital city can use their free time efficiently.

Feza Gürsey Science Center, Turkey's first science center, operates 7 days a week between 08.00:18.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

The little ones from Başkent, who come to the science center, learn technology and science with fun by participating in scientific studies held in different workshops.


Feza Gürsey Science Center expert guides; It introduces children to various scientific experiments from liquid nitrogen demonstration to angular momentum, from whisper plates to hot air balloons, from shadow tunnels.

Children who learn the importance of science by having fun in the activities carried out by following the rules of social distance and mask, develop both their sense of curiosity and their hand skills.

Zeynep Ecrin Canatız, 10, one of the children who visited the Feza Gürsey Science Center as a group, said, “I came here to learn different things. The window experiment intrigued me the most. It made me see it from different angles” and Cihat Emin Aslan said, “I am 14 years old, we learn science with fun here. I liked the electricity experiment, my hair got electrified”, he explained his experience

Eylul Naz Şerbetçi, who said she was dying to come to the center, said her thoughts, “I came here to learn science. It's my first time here, I was very curious about the instruments here. This place is so fun,” he said.



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