Things to Consider for Establishing a Company in Estonia

start a company in estonia
start a company in estonia

abroad set up a company Magick responsibility, but on the one hand, there is a need for growth.  In addition, it can be considered as an investment in the future in evaluating the advantages of the world market.  Why you should consider starting a company in Estonia.  The most basic reason; 

It is the country's corporate tax system. Company owners do not pay any tax under the following conditions. 

  • for their annual income invested in 
  • income that they do not deduct from the company account. 

Fixed 20% tax for dividend distribution removed from the company is in question. 

commercialAccording to the meat Law, there are five types of business establishments in Estonia:

  • private limited company (OÜ)
  • public limited company (AS)
  • general partnership (TU)
  • limited partnership (UU)
  • trade association (uhistu)

In addition to the possibility of establishing a business enterprise, any natural person can conduct business as a sole proprietor, which must be registered with the Central Commercial Register before starting permanent business activity.

Foreign companies can also open branches and offer their goods or services. Branch, application and other gby submitting the required documents, Setting up a company in Estonia a It must be registered with the Trade Registry. It should be noted that the branch is not a commercial enterprise and the foreign enterprise is responsible for the liabilities arising from the branch activities.

A non-profit organization (NPO) is a voluntary association established to fulfill the purposes set out in its articles of association. A non-profit association is managed collectively, its governing bodies are the members' general assembly, and the board of directors is elected at the general assembly. The activity of a non-profit association is regulated by the Nonprofit Associations Act.

Starting a business in Estonia If you want to, the most common forms of business entity are private limited company (OÜ) and public limited company (AS). Detailed information on other types of companies is available in the Commercial Code.

How much does it cost to set up a business in Estonia? 

The advantages of establishing a company in Estonia are many. You get many benefits, from low setup fees to operating costs, location-independent company management, a common European market.  

Cost of starting a company in Estonia ve Business location costs if;

  • company opening cost: 2500 euros 
  • 190 to the state for establishment Euro (state tax)

Open a company like in every countryIt is easy to do, but if you want to close it, there is a 7-8 month shutdown period.


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