Number of Unionized Workers Exceeded 2 Million

The number of unionized workers exceeded a million
The number of unionized workers exceeded a million

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, gave information about the statistics of labor unions published in the Official Gazette.

Minister Bilgin said that according to the statistics for July 2021, the unionization rate was 14,13 percent, and the number of workers who were members of the union exceeded 2 million. Stating that the number of union member workers increased by 2021 thousand 54 people compared to January 209, Bilgin shared the information that the total number of worker unions was 2021 in the July 206 period, and that all of the unions that passed the threshold in the 2021 January period passed the industry threshold.

Minister Bilgin stated that 2021 new unions were established in the January-July 6 period, and the number of trade unions that exceeded the 1% industry threshold reached 54.

Reminding that trade unions and confederations are important stakeholders in working life, Minister Bilgin said, “We attach importance to the unionization of our workers, which makes the greatest contribution to the establishment of social dialogue in working life and the growth and development of our country. I hope that the unionization rate of our workers, who are the building blocks of our country's economy, will reach higher levels.” said.

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