Special Advantageous Prices for A3, Q3 and Q2 Models from Audi

Special advantageous prices for audi aq and q models
Special advantageous prices for audi aq and q models

📩 02/07/2021 14:15

In addition to the compact class representatives of the Audi SUV family, Q3 and Q2, the Sportback and Sedan versions of the successful representative of the premium compact class, the Audi A3, offer advantageous interest rates for credit purchases.

Audi continues to offer advantages in credit purchases in A3, Q3 and Q2 models. The application, implemented in cooperation with Audi Finans, will continue until 19 July.

Within the scope of the campaign, an interest rate of 3 percent is applied for 3 months repayment of 200 thousand TL in Q24 and Q0,99 Sportback models.

The sedan member of the family 3 Turbo FSI 30 in the campaign where 110 percent interest rate is applied to 35 thousand TL in 150 months repayment for Sportback 18 Turbo FSI 150 hp S line S tronic and 0,99 Turbo FSI 35 hp Advanced/S line S tronic versions of the A150 model family. For the hp S line S tronic, an interest rate of 18 percent is offered for a loan of 150 thousand TL with 0,99-month repayment.

In Q2, another model included in the campaign, 35 percent rates are applied for the 150 Turbo FSI 18 hp Advanced S tronic PI with a repayment of 150 months and 0,99 thousand TL credit.

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