Saving Methods to Lower Electricity Bills

Savings methods to reduce electricity bills
Savings methods to reduce electricity bills

Turkey's electricity suppliers comparison website has made suggestions that can cool electricity bills with methods that can be applied in the summer months.

Temperatures are increasing day by day. According to the monthly temperature analysis of the General Directorate of Meteorology, May 2021 was the hottest May in the last 50 years. According to the statement made by the Provincial Directorate of Meteorology, the air temperature measured as 37,2 degrees Celsius in Çanakkale in June was recorded as the highest air temperature measured in June in the last 92 years. Those who were overwhelmed by the heat found the solution in air conditioners and fans. As the temperature increases, the refrigerator, freezer, etc. cooler devices work harder to keep their internal temperature from falling and to adapt to the ambient temperature. This situation not only causes the electricity bills to rise but also increases the energy consumption in the long term and has a negative impact on the nature. According to the calculations of July 2021 made by Turkey's electricity suppliers comparison website, when the wall-mounted air conditioner is used 12 hours a day in a house, it is reflected on the bills as approximately 602 TL. In workplaces, this figure goes up to 838 TL. So, what can be done to avoid high electricity bills in the summer months? Saving tips prepared by are as follows:

One of the common mistakes is keeping the windows open while the air conditioner is running. Forgetting the windows open lets hot air in. It is beneficial to close the curtains while the air conditioner is running.

By using curtains or blinds that are not too dark, you can prevent sunlight from overheating the room.

The days are long, you can take advantage of the sunlight instead of turning on the lights in the evening.

Although it is not possible in the winter months, it takes a very short time for your hair to dry naturally in the summer months. Instead of using a hair dryer after a shower, you can dry your hair with a towel and leave it to dry naturally.

If you are not going to cook and you want to heat a small portion, you can use a microwave oven instead of the stove. Because the stove not only heats the air but also causes extra electricity consumption as it will work longer.

Opening the oven door frequently heats the environment and the need for cooler increases. Do not open the lid as much as possible and try to look at the food through the glass section.

Wet clothes dry very quickly in the summer. Therefore, instead of using a tumble dryer, you can save electricity by allowing the laundry to dry naturally.

The same goes for dishwashers. You can reduce energy consumption by not preferring the drying feature of the dishwasher and allowing the dishes to dry with natural air.

One of the reasons for the high perceived temperature is that the air is too humid. If you operate your air conditioner in the dehumidification mode, both the perceived temperature will decrease and you will save money since the dehumidification mode consumes less electricity than the cooling mode.

Don't forget to take care of your air conditioner. This is beneficial both in terms of obtaining a healthy environment and energy saving.

When the weather starts to warm up, you can lower the hot water level of your combi boiler.

Some houses may receive a lot of sun due to their location. If your house is on a sunny side, you can have blinds made. Closing the blinds blocks the heat of the sun.

The use of solar panels is becoming more and more common. If you want to save money and contribute to nature, you can use portable solar panels to charge devices such as mobile phones.

You can also use portable solar energy systems that can produce energy up to 600 Watts for appliances that require higher energy, such as refrigerators, televisions, lighting.

You can choose to use ceiling fans. Because ceiling fans consume less electricity than air conditioners and are more effective than other fans.

On very hot days, operating the air conditioner and the fan at the same time also saves energy. You can operate the air conditioner by keeping the degree low, and you can spread the cold air thanks to the fan.

You can use solar energy to get hot water. You can save combi boiler and electricity by using hot water tanks. Taking advantage of the sun both contributes to nature and has a positive effect on bills.

The use of reflective (reflective) glass in the windows will also reduce the need for air conditioners/fans as it will reflect the heat. You can also contribute to lower electricity bills by using double glazing.

11 percent savings can be achieved by changing suppliers

Increasing electricity consumption during the summer months can also force businesses and industries. A significant majority of consumers think that they have to buy electricity from a single electricity supplier and at prices set by the government. However, it is possible to consume electricity at a more attractive price and cheaper by changing the electricity supply company. According to the decision of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), electricity consumers are free to change their electricity supplier if they wish. Consumers who want can save up to 11 percent per month by switching suppliers, just like changing mobile operators with distance contracts.

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