No More Downtime Risk Due to Labeling

Put an end to the risk of production stoppage due to labeling
Put an end to the risk of production stoppage due to labeling

The most important issue in manufacturing; to ensure maximum efficiency. Today, companies have to have high-performance production lines to compete.

Flashing red lights on the production line and machine alarms are the most feared scenarios in factories. Unplanned downtimes due to malfunctions and malfunctions in a production line cause costly losses. The fact that the labeling system selection is suitable for the factory's production line and products eliminates production downtimes, and working with experienced suppliers and getting service remains important for the factories.


Novexx Solutions XLS 2xx labeling systems are designed for non-stop factories. Two labelers run in sequential mode are placed one after the other. While only one of the taggers is working, the other is standing by at the Standby command so that it can be activated when needed.

An active labeler shuts down when it reaches the end of the label roll or if a malfunction occurs. In this case, the other labeler takes over and continues the labeling process.

In this way, the labeling of all products continues without stopping the production line. Operators also have time to insert new label material and adequately rectify minor faults.

Novexx Solutions, headquartered in Germany, which has proven its expertise in labeling solutions, offers labeling solutions to factories for every need in every capacity.

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