Beware of Pain and Pain in Hair Transplantation!

Pay attention to the feeling of pain and pain in hair transplantation
Pay attention to the feeling of pain and pain in hair transplantation

Specialist Doctor Levent Acar gave information about the subject. Hair loss is frequently seen in men and women depending on hormonal and genetic conditions. Hair loss can negatively affect a person's self-confidence and sometimes cause a person to move away from social life. At the last point of medicine, very satisfactory results can be obtained with many methods and techniques that can eliminate these problems, and the person can regain their past appearance.

Hair transplantation methods, techniques and equipment are developing more and more every day. The age we live in is an age where everything changes rapidly and technology is more and more involved in our lives every day. In the field of health, these technologies are increasing day by day. Painless anesthesia technique is just one of them. This technique, unlike the classical local anesthesia technique, allows the anesthetic drug to be administered under the skin by pressure instead of the needles we know. In this way, even during anesthesia, the feeling of pain is eliminated by approximately 70%. After this stage of the operation, the person does not feel any pain anyway. In the ongoing process, hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area, which is located in the back and side of the head, by a special device. The healthy hair follicles obtained are placed in the area where the hair transplantation will be performed with the help of a special pen called an implanter pen and the operation is completed.



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