Outdoor Cinema Enjoyment Begins in Izmir

Outdoor cinema enjoyment begins in izmir
Outdoor cinema enjoyment begins in izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is starting its summer screenings at three different centers of the “Re-Cinematheque”. Within the scope of the event, the most successful productions of world cinema will meet the people of Izmir free of charge.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's “Re-Cinematheque” screenings will meet with the audience in three different venues during the summer period. In July and August, the films will be screened in the grass area of ​​the Gas Factory Youth Campus, in the garden of Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM) and in the open area of ​​Bıçakçı Han. All movies that will meet with moviegoers free of charge will start at 21.00, with the first screening on July 7.

a success story

The 2018 Spanish, Cuban, British and German film "Yuli" directed by Iciar Bollain is about the life story of famous Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta. Paul Laverty and Carlos Acosta share the screenplay of the drama, biography and musical film. As a young boy who enjoys spending time on the streets, Yuli's life completely changes when her father discovers her talent. Yuli, who was forced to go to school at first, gradually begins to listen to her inner voice. This talent of her ensures that all taboos are broken and Yuli is the first black ballet dancer to appear on stage in prestigious institutions such as the Royal Ballet of London. The film, with the music of Alberto Iglesias and actors such as Carlos Acosta, Santiago Alfonso, and Keyvin Martínez, will meet with art lovers at the Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, at the Coal Gas Factory Youth Campus, on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. The movie is suitable for watching with family over 7 and 13 years old.

Cinema and woman

The 2019 Berlin Film Festival Ecumenical Jury Award, Filmmakers Award winner “Her Name is Petrunia” with its original name “Gospod Postoi, Imeto I' e Petrunija”, the film questioning how a woman got in front of a man is a historical past from a small town to the whole world and all politics. brings the next ruler before us. Teona Strugar Mitevska, who also directed the script, reveals the deceptions in the functioning of the public order of her country with a mischievous invention. This order, which is disrupted by Petrunia's participation in a ritual where women are not allowed to participate, leads to the emergence of a bureaucratic apparatus that makes irrational decisions one after the other, but none of them find a religious-legal equivalent. The movie, which was produced in North Macedonia, Belgium, France and Croatia in 2019, features actors such as Zorica Nusheva, Labina Mitevska and Stefan Vujisic. With references to the repercussions of the transformation in Macedonian society in the church, media and judiciary, this sad as well as angry film emphasizes the importance of women standing up in this country where ossified customs prevail. The music of the movie named “Her Name is Petrunia”, which is over 13 years old, belongs to Olivier Samouillan. It will be in front of moviegoers at the Gas Factory Youth Campus on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

award-winning movie

Directed by Jérémy Clapin, "Lost My Body" "J'ai Perdu Mon Corps" is one of the animations that intersects the love story of librarian Gabrielle and courier Naoufel, with a severed hand escaping from a laboratory in Paris looking for the body it belongs to. The soundtrack of the film, of which Jérémy Clapin and Guillaume Laurant shared the script, belongs to Dan Levy. The 2019 French movie features actors such as Hakim Faris, Victoire Du Bois and Patrick d'Assumçao. The movie “I Lost My Body” suitable for ages 7 and above will be screened at the Coal Gas Factory Youth Campus on Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

Winner of the Grand Prize in the Critics' Week selection of the Cannes Film Festival and an Oscar nomination in the Best Animated category, I Lost My Body 2020 César Award for Best Animated Feature, 2020 César Award for Best Original Score, New York Film Critics Circle for Best Animated Feature Award, Los Angeles Film Critics Circle Award for Best Music, Los Angeles Film Critics Circle Award for Best Animation.

Yıldız Cinema special selection

"Blackbeard, the Pirate", written by Alan Le May, directed by Raoul Walsh, tells the story of Sir Henry Morgan, a former pirate in the 17th century, who rescues the Caribbean Sea from a pirate named Blackbeard. The soundtrack of the movie, which is the Star Cinema Special Selection, belongs to Victor Young. Made in the USA in 1952, the movie features actors such as Robert Newton, Linda Darnell and Keith Andes. It will meet with moviegoers at Bıçakçı Han on Tuesday, July 13, 2021. In Bıçakçı Han, there will be screenings that offer a glimpse into the history of Yıldız Cinema with a special selection for Yıldız Cinema and films that were shown there.



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