Ministry of Commerce to Recruit 750 Contracted Personnel

Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Commerce, to be employed in accordance with the "Principles Regarding Employment of Contracted Personnel" determined by the clause (B) of article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 4 and the Council of Ministers Decision dated 06.06.1978 and numbered 7/15754, by vacant assignment (Physical Competence) and A Contracted Conservation Officer will be taken with an Oral Exam.

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a. To carry the general conditions specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b. Being under the age of thirty as of the first day of January of the year in which the entrance exam is held (01.01.1991) and those born later can apply.),

c. At least four-year faculties and schools of law, international relations, political science and international relations, economics, economics, public administration, political science and public administration, business, finance, econometrics, labor economics and industrial relations, statistics, international trade and To graduate from the departments of logistics, international trade and management, international trade, finance and banking, customs administration or the above-mentioned departments of higher education institutions abroad whose equivalence has been approved by the Higher Education Council,

D. To get a score of 2020 and above from the relevant KPSS score type specified in the table above, in the Public Personnel Selection Exam held by OSYM in 70

to. To be at least 172 cm tall for men and at least 165 cm for women,

f. From the full-fledged State hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health, he/she does not have a mental illness or physical disability that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously, has a psychiatric disease, personality disorder, neurological disorder, strabismus, blindness, night blindness, color blindness, hearing loss, lameness, stuttering, musculoskeletal or musculoskeletal disorders. limitation of movement

Obtaining a medical board report stating that there are no obstacles or similar obstacles and stating that “He can serve and use weapons all over the country”,

The aforementioned report will be requested from the candidates who are entitled to be appointed during the document submission process. (It will not be requested during the application phase.)

Exam application date and method: Applications will be received in digital environment between 09/08/2021-18/08/2021. Candidates who want to take the exam, e-government (Ministry of Commerce / Career Gate) and Career Gate will submit their applications through Applications made by mail or by other means will not be accepted.

The applicants who are found not to meet any of the required conditions will not be evaluated.

In addition, within the scope of the additional article 2 of the General Regulation on Examinations for Those Who Will Be Appointed for the First Time to Public Offices, the applications for the recruitment of Contracted Conservation Officers of the candidates who have been centrally placed by OSYM with the KPSS score of 2020 will not be taken into account.

Candidates will be invited to the applied (Physical Proficiency) exam four times the number of staff to be appointed according to the KPSS success order. If there is more than one candidate who has the same score as the last candidate, all of these candidates will be called for the physical proficiency exam.

Exam date and place:

Application results and oral exam date, time and place are later It will be announced in the announcements section of the website. In addition, candidates will be able to view information about their exams through the Career Gate.

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