Lamos Bridge Will Provide Easier Access to Kayacı Valley

Lamos Bridge will provide easier access to Kayacı Valley
Lamos Bridge will provide easier access to Kayacı Valley

The Lamos Bridge, which was started to be built by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department in Limonlu District of Erdemli district, and 80 percent of the connection roads have been completed. The bridge built over Limonlu Stream, which runs through the middle of the neighborhood, will reduce distances and bring Mersin residents closer to each other.

Metropolitan was the solution to another problem of Erdemli

The single-lane historical stone bridge over the Limonlu Stream, which divides the Limonlu District of Erdemli, one of Mersin's favorite districts in tourism and agriculture, has become unusable over time. Drivers entering the neighborhood from the east or west of the D-400 highway had to use the bridge kilometers away in order to cross the other side of Limonlu Stream. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality started the construction of the 'Lamos Bridge' as a remedy for the residents of Limonlu District.

80% of the bridge is complete

The teams completed 80 percent of the physical realization rate of the project. The teams, which completed the construction of 4 cubic meters of stone wall, 86 bored piles and 5 thousand cubic meters of stone filling, and strengthened the weak ground, continue the assembly process of the precast beams.

'Lamos Bridge' will also benefit manufacturers

The bridge, which is of great importance for the citizens, will enter the Limonlu District from the D-400 and continue towards the Kayacı Valley, which is of great importance in terms of regional tourism, and will also benefit the producers. While the drivers will have the opportunity to reach Kayacı Valley from a shorter and safer transit line, the residents of the neighborhood, who produce their bananas in greenhouses, will get rid of the trouble of traveling many kilometers. Residents of Limonlu Mahallesi will be able to reach many points more easily, from the health center to the market area.

“More convenient transportation will be provided to Kayacı Valley”

Emrah Erdoğan, Erdemli Branch Officer of the Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department, stated that investigations were made upon request from the neighborhood residents and headmen. Emphasizing that the construction of the bridge was started afterwards, Erdoğan said:

“There was a historic bridge before. Since it was taken under protection, it was determined that such a bridge was needed and the construction of the bridge was started. Citizens were passing over the historical stone bridge. It was a narrow bridge that only one car could barely cross. Now, by building a wide, comfortable and safe bridge, we will enable our citizens to cross the stream in a more peaceful and safer way. It will connect our Limon District to Kocahasanlı and Üçtepe Districts. It will be a group road stretching from Limonlu Mahallesi to Esenpınar and even Central Anatolia. We will also ensure that the uplanders can reach the highlands in a more comfortable and safe way over the stream. In terms of tourism, more convenient transportation will be provided to the region, which we call Kayacı Valley, which has nature tourism.”

“We will have a very beautiful, modern bridge”

Limonlu Neighborhood Headman Orhan Çelik stated that the historical stone bridge has come to a point where it can no longer meet the need, and said, “No repairs can be made because there is play on the ground. So it was closed to traffic. This bridge was needed because our other alternative road was longer distance. We believe that it will be easier to reach our health center and the covered market place. Therefore, there was a great need for a bridge here. It has been working for a while, progress has been made. We will have a very beautiful, modern bridge. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Vahap Seçer.”

“We will be able to reach the neighborhood immediately from the D-400”

Pointing out that the bridge, which is under construction, will reduce transportation by 4/3, Çelik said, “We will be able to reach the neighborhood immediately from the D-400 instead of going around the whole neighborhood. Here we have a banana greenhouse of about 2 acres. Therefore, I think that it will also facilitate transportation in production. Citizens are also satisfied. It has become a bridge worthy of our Limonlu Neighborhood.”

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