Canal Istanbul Zoning Plans Changed Upon Objections

Kanal Istanbul zoning plans changed over objections
Kanal Istanbul zoning plans changed over objections

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization changed the zoning plans it prepared for Yenişehir, which is planned to be built around Kanal Istanbul, upon objections. The 55-meter-wide road that will pass through Yeniköy District has been reduced to 25 meters. The dam status was brought to the canal structure. Daily facility usage of 53 thousand square meters was added to the coastline. The population, which was foreseen as 112 thousand 907 people in the previous plan, increased to 113 thousand 974 people.

Some of the objections made during the suspension process were approved to the zoning plans prepared for the first 3 stages of Yenişehir, which will be built around Kanal Istanbul, consisting of built-up property areas and approved on March 25, 2021. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization revised the zoning plans upon objections and suspended it again as of July 16.


SözcüAccording to the news of Özlem Güvemli In the plan explanation report, it was stated that the transportation setup in the residential areas of Yeniköy and Tayakadin was revised and the settlement pattern was preserved.

It was noted that the settled areas in Yeniköy neighborhood were re-evaluated within the framework of the Coastal Law and related legislation, and new usage decisions and transportation schemes were created.

It was stated that the 55-meter road route passing through the center of the Tayakadin district was revised in a way that preserves the existing residential texture in the center of the settled area.

A part of the university area located to the north of Tayakadin was planned as an indoor and outdoor sports facility. The 55.50 meter wide road passing through Yeniköy District was changed to 25 meters.


According to the new plan, additional afforested areas and usage decisions were determined around the settled areas. The areas to be afforested can be used as a cemetery, subject to consultation. Administrative facility buildings, security building, morgue, gas station, parking lot can be built for burial procedures, provided that the independent unit area does not exceed 0.10 square meters under the conditions of a precedent 9.50, height 250 meters excluding places of worship.


53 thousand 648 square meters of 'daily facility area' was added to the planning area. This area was planned within the second 50 meters of the shoreline of the shoreline.

In the daily facility area; Showers, cafe-bars, golf areas, fairs, water games park, exhibition and sales areas not exceeding 20 square meters are envisaged, which do not include camping and accommodation units. The precedent was set at 0.20, the height at 4.50 meters.


By making arrangements in the plan notes about the canal, 'Waterway area, dam area; The channel protection area is also an absolute protection area for the dam and is equivalent in terms of use' note was added.


With the change made, construction activities such as residences, commercial units, hotels and marinas will be carried out on 1 million 40 thousand square meters of an area of ​​approximately 16 million square meters, which constitutes the 300st stage, according to the latest situation. In the area of ​​23.7 million square meters, there will be educational areas, green areas, health facilities, a covered area, roads, canals and forests.

4 million 799 thousand square meters were allocated for the 'channel'. The population, which was foreseen as 112 thousand 907 people in the previous plan, increased to 113 thousand 974 people.

Social reinforcement areas within the settled area were included in the plan. In order to allow implementation by public and private properties and to prevent uncertainties in implementation, the relevant plan notes were cancelled.

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