İzmir Fire Brigade on Vigilance for Forests

Izmir fire department is on the alert for forests
Izmir fire department is on the alert for forests

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is on duty 30 hours a day, 55 days a week at 7 stations in 24 districts against forest fires caused by the carelessness of people as well as the climate crisis. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department is working nonstop for possible fires with 282 vehicles and a total of 95 firefighting personnel.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken the necessary measures against forest fires, which occur frequently especially in the summer months and cause serious damage, this year as well as every year. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department teams are on duty against possible fires with 30 vehicles and 55 firefighting personnel, 7 hours a day, 24 days a week at 282 stations in 95 districts. In cooperation with the Izmir Regional Directorate of Forestry, the Metropolitan Municipality fire brigade has 118 water sprinklers. In addition, water tankers, ladder fire trucks and search and rescue vehicles are also kept ready for duty. Again, high-flow hydrosub vehicles that can take water from the sea to be used in the intervention of forest fires are also within the body of the institution.

Support continues to extinguish forest fires

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, upon the request of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, to extinguish the forest fire that continues in the Manavgat district of Antalya, with two 5 tons and one 15 tons water sprinkler and logistic support vehicles, and 16 tons of water from the Parks and Gardens Department. He sent two tankers with capacity. 18 personnel also participated in the firefighting efforts.

7 personnel, a water tanker and a sprinkler were sent to respond to the ongoing forest fire in Muğla.

Special precaution for critical areas

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also receives grader and bucket support from the Department of Science Affairs in case of forest fires. In addition, the gaps created by cutting trees so that the flames do not spread to other trees in case of possible fires are made by the personnel of the institution with the help of saws provided by the Department of Parks and Gardens. Providing water tankers from the İZSU General Directorate, the Metropolitan Municipality also receives road safety support from the Police Department in such cases. The Metropolitan requested that 290 water tankers, which it distributed to the headmen in the villages, be kept ready for emergencies.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also took special precautions for the regions considered critical in forest fires. Fire crews are kept ready in the Yukarıbey Village of Bergama and Gümüldür Ahmetbeyli and Buca Kırıklar region of Menderes.

Derse's call to citizens to "be sensitive"

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head İsmail Derse reminded that İzmir Governorship issued a circular banning entry to forest areas in the city about a month ago. Stating that a picnic was held in the forests despite this circular, İsmail Derse stated that the slightest carelessness caused major disasters in the summer months and called on the citizens to comply with the ban. Derse, who wants everyone to be sensitive to forest fires, said, “The butts of cigarettes are thrown to the ground before they go out. A cigarette butt contains 700 degrees Celsius of heat. This ensures that it retains heat for a long time, leading to the risk of fire. We ask the citizens to pay attention to these issues. There are also beekeepers in forested areas. They also need to be sensitive. We are all living together with the devastating effects of global warming. Our citizens have to be much more sensitive now. This world is all ours. It is in our hands to protect it and make it livable. "Thanks to our individual measures, we can prevent serious disasters," he said.



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