Is Your Salad Really Diet-Friendly? Pay Attention to These Details While Consuming Salad!

Is your salad really diet friendly pay attention to these details when consuming salad?
Is your salad really diet friendly pay attention to these details when consuming salad?

Salad is a refreshing summer flavor that stands out as diet friendly with its satiating feature, especially preferred by those who want to lose weight or maintain their form as the main meal. But beware!

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist İpek Ertan said, “Salad should be nutritious and filling in terms of its content. E.g; If it is to be consumed as a main meal, it should contain foods such as meat, chicken or cheese, legumes, walnuts, hazelnuts. Otherwise, only green salad will not replace the main meal.” says. Stating that you can both increase satiety and strengthen your immunity with spices such as vinegar, lemon, fresh / dried thyme, ginger, black cumin you add to the salad, Nutrition and Diet Specialist İpek Ertan emphasizes that olive oil should not be overdone and that flavor-enhancing sauces can undermine your diet. Nutrition and Diet Specialist İpek Ertan gave 9 important warnings against the hidden dangers of salad; gave an immune-boosting, diet-friendly summer salad recipe; made important warnings and recommendations.

Don't overdo the sauces

Sauces, which are seen as indispensable to add flavor to the salad, can be harmful to health with their additives and preservatives, and they can also undermine the diet with their high calories. There are many high-calorie ingredients in ready-made salad dressings, from pomegranate syrup to table sugar and honey. Therefore, avoid ready-mixed sauces.

Don't go overboard with olive oil

You should pay attention to the amount of olive oil you add to your salad, and add your oil according to the size of the salad plate. Nutrition and Diet Specialist İpek Ertan said, “Because when you exceed the measure, you can increase the calories of the salad very much. On the other hand, consuming the salad completely without oil will cause a decrease in the satiating feature of the salad. For this reason, you should definitely add 1-2 teaspoons of oil to your salads.” says.

Pay attention to this detail outside

Especially when consuming salad outside, be sure to ask for the sauce on the table and add it yourself. Otherwise, in addition to sauces, table sugar can be added to increase the flavor even more. You can use lemon, vinegar and mustard in your salads in a controlled manner. In addition, you can make your salad both healthy and lower in calories by choosing yogurt salads instead of mayonnaise salads.

Do not choose one type of salad

Prefer one kind of salad not as the main meal, but as a side dish next to the main meal. Because, for example, a meal consisting of green salad alone will both make you hungry during the day and deprive you of the protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals that you need to take in order to have a strong immunity, and will cause your immunity to decrease. Make sure that the content of your salad, which you will consume as a main meal, consists of foods such as meat, chicken or cheese, legumes, walnuts, hazelnuts. However, do not overdo it as the calorie will increase when the ingredients you will use in your salad are excessive.

Don't overdo the fruit in your salad.

Do not overdo it, as the fruits you will add to the salad will increase the taste as well as increase the calories. For example, you can add an apple or four medium-sized apricots to a plate of salad with a rich content such as meat, legumes or cheese that you will consume as a main meal.

Consume salads where you trust

Nutrition and Dietetics Specialist İpek Ertan said, “Since greens that have not been cleaned adequately can cause many health problems from food poisoning to diarrhea due to bacteria and invisible microbes they contain, avoid consuming salads in places where you are not sure of their cleanliness. I especially recommend pregnant women not to eat salad outside because of the risk of getting toxoplasma.” says.

Be sure to soak in vinegar water

There are many important points to be considered, from washing the salad to chopping it. Do not be content with washing the salad ingredients, especially the greens, under running water, and then leave them in vinegar for 5 minutes to get rid of invisible microbes. Adding 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 1 liter of water will be sufficient.

Beware of the cutting board

Be mindful of the risk of cross-contamination on the cutting board you use to chop the salad ingredients. Set aside the cutting board you use for vegetables and raw meat.

Be careful when washing and storing green leafy vegetables!

Washing and storing vegetables and fruits causes faster deterioration. Because vegetables and fruits have a layer on them that they produce and that prevents them from spoiling, and this layer disappears when washed. But people living and especially working in big cities need practical salad preparation tips. After washing, vegetables and fruits can be dried thoroughly and stored for 3-4 days in suitable lightly airy containers. But it is necessary to be very careful that the washed vegetables are dried very well.

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