Insomnia May Be the Cause of Your Psychological Problems

Insomnia may be the cause of your psychological problems.
Insomnia may be the cause of your psychological problems.

Sleep has such an important role in our lives that we can face many health problems when we are sleep deprived. Expert Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist Fundem Ece Erdem, one of the Yataş Sleep Board Experts, draws attention to the fact that insomnia can lead to many psychological problems such as depression, eating disorders, social phobia and addiction.

Sleep has a significant impact on our quality of life. During sleep, our brain is recharged, as we are renewed cognitively and physically. Because during sleep, nerve cells in the brain are repaired, connections between these nerve cells are established and activated. Our muscles and other tissue cells are also renewed during sleep, and metabolism is regulated while we sleep. Expert Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Fundem Ece Erdem, one of the Yataş Sleep Board experts, emphasizes that the problems caused by insomnia should be taken into account when talking about the effects of sleep on our psychology.

Prolonged insomnia can cause death

Klnk. Ps. Erdem also draws attention to the fact that insomnia can lead to irregularities in the field of emotions. Explaining that insomnia brings with it many psychological problems such as decreased sense of happiness, difficulty in self-control, irritability, decreased sense of humor, avoidance of social environments, mental flexibility, and decreased creative qualities, Erdem says: “In a controlled experiment carried out in 1966, a group of people 205 hours without sleep. At the end of this period, the participants in the experiment began to be unable to think and remember words. They even had hallucinations in the later stages. It is also predicted that longer periods of insomnia will lead to death.”

How does insomnia cause psychological problems?

Yataş Sleep Board Specialist Klnk. Ps. Erdem states that binge or emotional eating disorder is among the psychological problems encountered. Klnk. Ps. Erdem explains that since lack of sleep causes an imbalance in my emotions, eating comes across as an effort to compensate for one's emotions, but regrets are always felt afterwards.

The anxiety of individuals with respiratory problems is increasing

Depression is also among the psychological problems seen together with insomnia. Reminding that sleep-deprived individuals start to feel unhappy and reluctant, Klnk said. Ps. Erdem continues: “These people have low tolerance and negative thinking is common. Depression accompanies overeating or loss of appetite. Since there is a decrease in the energy of people in this phase, they do not even want to get up from their bed. 5-9% of the physiological factors that cause insomnia are respiratory problems. The anxiety of individuals with respiratory problems is also increasing. Because pessimistic thoughts such as "If I'm out of breath in my sleep and I die" breed anxiety. In connection with this, panic attack symptoms can also be seen.

Insomnia triggers social phobia

Insomnia also plays an important role in alcohol and substance addictions. Underlining that individuals who have difficulty sleeping try to relax and fall asleep by taking alcohol or drugs, Yataş Sleep Board Specialist Klnk said. Ps. Erdem points out that the dose taken with insomnia started to increase gradually and eventually turned into addiction. Stating that insomnia triggers social phobia even more, Klnk said. Ps. Erdem said, “As long as the person is sleep deprived, he avoids socializing and starts to feel insecure in the crowd. When this happens, since the house is a safe environment, he gets lonely, doesn't want to talk to anyone, and starts to stay in his room. Because being outside and with other people is insecure for him. If you maintain sleep hygiene and still have insomnia problems due to psychological factors, or if psychological factors arise due to insomnia, then I would definitely recommend that you consult a psychotherapist.

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