Housing Sales Revenue to Foreigners Will Increase to 2025 Billion Dollars in 20

Housing sales revenue to foreigners will reach te billion dollars
Housing sales revenue to foreigners will reach te billion dollars

In real estate, which is one of the most reliable investment tools in the world, Turkey is in the first place in the sale of housing to foreigners, and after the pandemic, it is in the mark of foreigners. Stating that an annual income of 6 billion dollars is provided to our country in housing sales to foreigners, Super Group Chairman of the Board Dr. Ali Gökçiler said that this figure will rise to $2025 billion in 20.

Turkey, one of the world leaders in housing sales to foreigners before the pandemic, entered the branding of foreigners in the summer season as well. According to TUIK data, 2019 real estate sales were made in 45.483, 2020 in 40, and 812 real estate sales in the first half of 2021. Stating that the sale of foreign real estate provides a return of $ 20 billion, which benefits our country's current account deficit, Super Group Chairman of the Board Ali Gökçiler said, “In 488, the revenue to be obtained from the sale of foreign real estate in Turkey is expected to reach $ 6 billion. In order to reach this number, we need to increase the number of countries we are in contact with. It is very important to make some trade agreements with these countries at the level of governments. We currently have a cooperation with countries such as South Africa, China and India, but the size of the cooperation is quite small. We should not see collaborations here as just selling houses to them. It is necessary to attract housing developers from various countries of the world to Turkey, because people from other countries who see their own brands may be more willing to shop from those brands. Both the government and housing developers have a role to play here.' said.

We sell houses online like food!

Mentioning that the real estate sector is an important and safe investment tool, Gökçiler also mentioned that the negative impact of the pandemic on real estate sales is kept to a minimum in this way by making sales online: 'The real estate sector is the safest investment tool in the world in our opinion. It provides a very large foreign currency inflow for our country and is very important in terms of closing the current account deficit. In terms of Turkey being a world state, real estate investors in every sense; We care about his coming to Turkey from land to residential and commercial areas.'

Saying that online sales facilitate both the foreign exchange return to the country and the pandemic opportunities, Gökçiler said, “As Turks, we are very good in marketing. There are good marketers in the real estate industry as well. We are now selling the house online, just like a beverage or food you order to your home with an application. With this confidence created in Turkey, customers from all over the world make online purchases and send their money through the bank. Therefore, we cannot say that we have been affected by the pandemic in online sales. When you look at the numbers, we see that 2019, 2020, 2021 are all above the 40 thousand band.'

Russian interest in the Aegean is increasing!

In the January-June 2021 period, 10 thousand 108 houses were sold to foreigners in Istanbul. Antalya was followed by Antalya with 3 thousand 990, Ankara with 1276, Mersin with 951 and Yalova with 584. During this period, Iranian citizens bought the most residences with 3 thousand 70 units. The Iranians were followed by the citizens of Iraq with 3 thousand 19 houses, Russia with 1759, Afghanistan with 1277 and Germany with 726. Emphasizing that Turkey is the country with the biggest real estate gain in the world in 2020, Gökçiler said, “Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir are the cities that have earned the most in housing in the world last year. Therefore, the interest is currently concentrated in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. When we look at it from the point of view of the Russians, there is great interest in the Aegean region and especially in Antalya. Iranians show interest in İzmir, Iraqis in Adana and Mersin. For a while, there was a great interest in cities such as Trabzon and Samsun in the Black Sea region, but now we see that this interest has decreased a little more and concentrated on the coastal areas. I can say that countries such as China, India and Pakistan, which have just started to show interest, prefer Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Ankara.' he said.

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