Haydarpaşa Station Cannot Be Closed to Haydarpaşa Solidarity!

Haydarpasa Station Cannot Be Closed for Solidarity with Haydarpasa
Haydarpasa Station Cannot Be Closed for Solidarity with Haydarpasa

Haydarpaşa Station, whose trains and ferries were taken from him in 2013, was closed to Haydarpaşa Solidarity only on Sundays between 13.00 and 14.00 due to restoration works.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity, which has been fighting for the preservation of Haydarpaşa Station with its use value and transportation function for 16 years, has been in constant action by meeting at Haydarpaşa Station every Sunday between 5:2012 and 13:00 since February 14, 00, in order to make its voice heard.

In all conditions; Haydarpaşa Sunday vigils, which are held in the rain, snow, on holiday, sometimes with tens and sometimes hundreds of people, within the scope of the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic process; It has moved to social media by rising from houses, balconies, terraces and gardens.

With the end of the pandemic restrictions on July 1, 2021, Haydarpaşa Solidarity, which met to hold the 4th Sunday watch again on July 2021, 495, at the Haydarpaşa Train Station, which is the common area of ​​everyone, due to a ban imposed by the security officers by the TCDD 1st Regional Directorate. was not admitted.

In the pandemic process, where the existing inequalities are tremendously visible and increasing, we have/we are passing through a period when the government and all the governing authorities are trying to transform life for their own interests and usurp rights by taking advantage of restrictions.

As in the bans of actions, meetings, marches, alcohol, music and art, which were implemented with the excuse of the pandemic; In this process, the administrators signed bans and decisions that narrowed the field of social struggle and public space and tried to shape their lifestyles.

The banning of Haydarpaşa Station to Haydarpaşa Solidarity, while the physical presence of Haydarpaşa Solidarity at the Station was interrupted due to the bans during the pandemic process, is exactly the product of this authoritarian administration process that we went through.

The market watch, which Haydarpaşa Solidarity activists have been carrying on for 9 years, is one of the only resistances that have managed to keep Haydarpaşa Station, which has been detached from its trains and ferries, still alive and alive as a living space, despite all the transformation attacks, on the basis of its use value.

While the closure of Haydarpaşa Train Station took it away from the daily life of the city and the labor from the city center, the actions and activities performed by Haydarpaşa Solidarity at the Train Station were a political act that called each time to remind and produce Haydarpaşa and the memory it established. had meaning.

Conventional trains in 2012, suburban trains in 2013, ferries and a large part of the city's residents were disconnected from Haydarpaşa Station; now it is a question of banning the existence of Haydarpaşa Solidarity and the activists. Today, the banning of Haydarpaşa Train Station to Haydarpaşa Solidarity is an attempt developed to break and destroy the resistance that tries to keep it alive.

Despite all the prohibitions, Haydarpaşa Solidarity will under no circumstances allow the Haydarpaşa Train Station, which is an urban commons for everyone, to be detached from our lives, our memories, its political images, its transportation function and its use value, and will continue to fight for it.

The stairs, the quay of Haydarpaşa Train Station and actually Haydarpaşa Train Station itself is the 16-year action venue of Haydarpaşa Solidarity. The bans, which take advantage of the pandemic and narrow the field of social struggle, will not succeed in separating Haydarpaşa Station from the city defenders and the cry that will remain #haydarpaşagardırgar.

As Haydarpaşa Solidarity activists, we will find different ways to keep the memory and experience of the train alive in every place and time we are in, by not fitting into any space and time.

We will never leave Haydarpaşa Station as a place of struggle. However, it is possible to experience, share, produce, preserve its use value and re-use our Gar in daily life with its own functions, not in one form, but in many different ways. kazanWe will provide climbing.

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