GUHEM Awaits Those Who Have Space and Sky in Their Dreams

Guhem is waiting for those who have space and sky in their dreams
Guhem is waiting for those who have space and sky in their dreams

Established under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), Turkey's first interactive space and aviation themed training center GUHEM continues to host its visitors. Visiting the center, the students examined the exhibition and assembly prepared with more than 150 local facilities, from the life of astronauts in space to the solar system, from the passenger plane experience to the International Space Station. The center will continue to host its visitors from Tuesday to Sunday between 11.00:16.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

Under the leadership of BTSO, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, with the cooperation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and TÜBİTAK, the official opening of GUHEM was held in October last year with a ceremony attended by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank. The center, which could not host its visitors for a while due to the pandemic, opened its doors to its visitors on June 26.


Among the first guests of GUHEM were the students of Erdem Beyazıt Secondary School, Süleyman Cura Secondary School and Kükürtlü Macide Gazioğlu Secondary School. The students, who visited the aviation and space floor in detail with the expert staff of the center, were amazed by GUHEM.


In the center, where all necessary precautions were taken against the Kovid-19 epidemic, students examined the aviation mechanisms on the first floor of the zeppelin-shaped building. Students, who received information about aviation-related mechanisms and aircraft simulators on this floor, also visited the cockpit of the life-size A-320 aircraft model. The International Space Station welcomed the students, who went to the space floor with an elevator that gave the impression of a spacecraft.

astronauts, what they eat and drink, they are all in GUHEM

The students, who received information about the astronomy mechanisms on the space floor, atmospheric events, the solar system and the possibility of life on other planets, also examined the living conditions of astronauts in space. In this episode, visitors are told how astronauts sleep, eat and exercise in space.


Students, on the other hand, had the pleasure of visiting GUHEM. Expressing that he was very excited while visiting the center, Mert Kırcal said, “GUHEM is a very beautiful center. It is impossible not to admire the center. In the center, what the astronauts do and how they live in space, they have it all. Anyone who is interested in space and the sky should come to GUHEM.” said.


5th grade student Eymen Çelik stated that he got into a representative rocket sent to space at the center and said, “It was exciting to get on the rocket. I also had experience flying model airplanes. We flew in the sky like birds in the simulation. There was a piece from the Moon on the space floor. That was very exciting.” said. Zeynep Halil, one of the visitors, said that she saw the cockpit of an airplane up close for the first time thanks to the passenger plane in the center.



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