Grasshopper Invasion at Istanbul Airport

Grasshopper invasion at istanbul airport
Photo: Airporthaber

Despite the public's reaction and the slaughter of tens of thousands of trees, a locust invasion took place at Istanbul Airport, built in the Northern Forests, as of 06.00:XNUMX this morning.

At the airport, where the weather conditions of the region are often difficult for planes due to storms and harsh natural conditions, this time thousands of long-legged and approximately 5 cm tall grasshoppers invaded the apron.

Swarms of locusts also attracted seagulls who wanted to eat them. A large number of seagull locusts came to the area to eat.

According to Airporthaber; Meanwhile, a seagull crashed into a plane. Some planes bypassed the runway. Airport crews sprayed the runway. After spraying, thousands of locust dead were left to seagulls. But this time, because of the medicine, the concern about the seagulls started.



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