Formula 1 Tickets Go On Sale On July 12

formula tickets go on sale
formula tickets go on sale

Formula 1TM tickets, which Intercity Istanbul Park brought back to Turkey this year after last year, will be offered for sale in different categories and at a wide price range.

After the Turkish Grand Prix 9 event, which was brought to Turkey with great efforts after a 2020-year hiatus last year and was chosen as the most successful race of the year, Formula 1TM organization will be held at Intercity Istanbul Park again this year. The tickets of the world's largest motor sports organization Formula 1TM, which will be held on 3-1 October, are on sale on 12 July. Tickets will be available on Biletix as of Monday, July 12.

“We can't wait for our people and foreign guests to share in this excitement”

Sadi Hezber, General Manager of Intercity Istanbul Park, made the following evaluations on the subject; “As Intercity Istanbul Park, we spent a lot of money and moral effort to bring Formula 1TM back to our country. After the task of bringing Formula 1TM back to our country was given to us under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, we brought this giant organization to our country in such difficult times without burdening our state. We look forward to having our people and foreign guests share in this excitement. We are also happy to be holding the race with spectators this year and we are carrying out all the preparations for this in the healthiest way. The countdown has now begun for the tickets of this organization, which Turkey misses to watch live. We are very happy to bring the excitement of Formula 1TM together with our people at Intercity Istanbul Park, the world's most exciting track. We will announce details on ticket sales on Sunday.” said.

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