Endoscopy Will Not Be Required For Diagnosis With Swallowable Capsules

Endoscopy will not be required for diagnosis with swallowable capsules.
Endoscopy will not be required for diagnosis with swallowable capsules.

Rabia Tuğçe Yazıcıgil, a graduate of Sabancı University Electronics Engineering Department, developed a pod that can be swallowed and sends wireless data, the size of a chickpea, in her work with MIT in her laboratory at Boston University. The capsule in question will enable the early diagnosis of stomach and intestinal disorders without the need for endoscopy, and will allow rapid transition to treatment.

After graduating from the Department of Electronics Engineering at Sabancı University, Assist. He worked in the laboratory he founded at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Boston University. prof. Rabia Tuğçe Yazıcıgil made an important breakthrough. Assist. prof. Rabia Tuğçe Yazıcıgil, in her work with MIT, developed a chickpea-sized capsule that can be swallowed and sends wireless data. Thanks to this developed capsule, stomach and intestinal disorders can be diagnosed earlier without the need for endoscopy. Thus, patients can be diagnosed earlier and treated quickly.

After graduating from Sabancı University Electronics Engineering Department, Rabia Tuğçe Yazıcıgil completed her master's degree in Switzerland EPEL and received her doctorate from Columbia University's Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. Yazıcıgil, who established his own laboratory as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Boston University, also continues to work as a visiting research assistant at MIT.

Rabia Tuğçe Yazıcıgil described her work with MIT as follows: “This study was carried out by Prof. Timothy Lu and Prof. It is conducted with the bands of Giovanni Traverso. Our research is supported by funding from the Helmsley Charitable Trust. Together with MIT, we designed an ingestible chickpea-sized pod that sends wireless data to monitor the digestive tract continuously and without intervention. This capsule can be used to diagnose and monitor Crohn's (inflammatory bowel disease), colitis, upper intestinal bleeding and other digestive system diseases. Our high-resolution biochemical sensor will facilitate the diagnosis of the disease and start the treatment process more quickly. Inflammation and other disorders in the gastrointestinal tract are generally diagnosed by examining images taken by endoscopy under the supervision of a doctor. However, since endoscopy is a technology that requires intervention, it can only be applied to patients in a limited number of years, which reduces the possibility of continuous follow-up. In addition, since endoscopy is a camera-based system, it cannot identify the molecular findings of diseases.”


Saying that the capsule previously designed by the group at MIT is larger, Yazıcıgil continued his words as follows; “In our new study, we aimed to reduce this capsule to millimeter sizes that can be swallowed safely in terms of health. We have made adjustments to detect bleeding in the stomach or gases that can be a sign of other diseases. The capsule, which is activated every 10 minutes, will process signals for 16 seconds and transmit them to a mobile phone or computer with a wireless transmitter within 12 milliseconds. You can think of the capsule we designed as a technology that monitors your health in your body, detects signs of disease in your digestive system, and gives you information without going to the hospital.”

Stating that the tests other than living things were successful, Yazıcıgil said, “The next step will be to carry out our tests on living things. The most important thing is that we are one step closer to clinical applications, because now our capsule can operate in millimeter sizes and at very low power (10-9 Watt - nanoWatt) levels. In the future, we aim for these capsules to work by collecting their own energy in the stomach without the need for any power source, battery," he said.

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