Eid al-Adha Message from Hasan Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation

Eid al-Adha message of tcdd transportation general manager hasan pezukun
Eid al-Adha message of tcdd transportation general manager hasan pezukun

Religious Holidays are exceptional days when good feelings such as solidarity and sharing are experienced to the fullest, and our spiritual world is refreshed.

In this difficult process that we have been living with the pandemic since March 2020, we missed our holidays the most while staying away from our loved ones to control the rate of transmission.

As of July 1, 2021, we entered a gradual normalization process in our lives, with factors such as the successful continuation of vaccination studies to cover a significant part of the population and the decrease in the number of daily patients.

However, we must not forget that the pandemic is not completely over.

For this reason, we should protect both ourselves and our loved ones while taking care of social distance, mask and hygiene rules during Eid al-Adha.

As TCDD Transportation General Directorate, which has a deep-rooted tradition of 165 years, we will continue to provide services 7/24 to bring our citizens back to their loved ones in a safe, comfortable and economical way, as always, during the Feast of Sacrifice.

We also have good news for you. As of July 10, we started our "Express YHT" flights on the Ankara-Istanbul line, while increasing the number of YHT flights from 26 to 36.

As of July 28, we started to operate some of our main line trains, which have been suspended due to the pandemic since March 2020, 12.

Our regional trains, which started to operate before, between the cities in the middle and close distances, with 32 trips per day on 162 separate routes; In urban public transportation, our Marmaray and Başkentray trains will continue to serve with regular flights.

Our freight trains, which play a major role in ensuring the continuity of trade, will also be on the rails during the holiday to deliver loads exceeding 100 thousand tons per day to the country and abroad.

While our citizens travel to satisfy their longing with their loved ones, and our freight trains ensure the continuity of trade, thousands of my railway brothers will be on duty...

As TCDD Transportation family, I would like to state that we are aware of the fact that our first priority in transportation is safety, that your trust in us increases our motivation and effort, and we are working hard to deserve this trust. We are very excited to serve our cities of Sivas and Karaman with high-speed trains in 2021.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my railroad brothers and sisters who work in the 1213 km railway network, 12 km of which is the high-speed railway line.

I sincerely congratulate the Eid-al-Adha of the entire Islamic World, our citizens and the TCDD Transportation family, with the hope of meeting in many holidays where we are all together in peace, happiness and health.

Hasan Pezuk
General Director of TCDD

Günceleme: 20/07/2021 12:08

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