Don't Let Hot Weather and Masks Be the Enemy of Your Skin

Don't let the hot weather and mask be the enemy of your skin.
Don't let the hot weather and mask be the enemy of your skin.

The use of masks can cause many problems on the skin. With the effect of hot weather and sweating, these problems may increase in the summer months. experts, Dr. Instructor Member Zahide Eriş draws attention to the importance of cleaning in order to prevent skin problems caused by masks. Saying that we must wash our face with a special cleansing gel when we come home from outside, Dr. Instructor Member Eriş recommends that those with serious problems such as rosacea use sunscreen cream, even at home.

Although the bans have been lifted, pandemic measures and the use of masks in this context still continue. When stress, changes in our eating habits due to staying at home and hot weather are added to the use of masks, different problems may arise on the skin. Especially in oily skin, the increase in oil secretion along with sweating can lead to clogging of the pores in the skin, and as a result, acne and acne formation. experts, Dr. Instructor Member Zahide Eriş underlines that in order to prevent these problems, attention should be paid to daily hygiene and if possible, it is necessary to take a shower every day.

When you come home from outside, make sure to wash your face with cleansing gel.

Reminding that the humidity and airless environment created by the mask increases the lubrication on the skin, therefore, it is necessary to change the mask frequently. Instructor Member Eriş continues: “Wash your face twice a day with a special cleansing gel suitable for your skin type, and when you come home from outside, wash your face again. A peeling that you will apply once a week will help prevent acne formation by keeping the pores on the skin open. You should also take care of your diet. You should drink plenty of water and eat a low-fat diet. You should avoid extremely hot and spicy foods, and limit your chocolate consumption.

If you have rosacea, you should use sunscreen even at home.

Underlining that there is an increase in rosacea (rose disease) complaints due to hot weather and sun in the summer months, Dr. Instructor Member Eriş reminds that the use of masks is also effective in this increase in complaints. Stating that rosacea disease, which causes inflammatory redness, acne-like blisters, superficial vascular enlargement and burning complaints, is usually seen on the face and around the nose, Dr. Instructor Member Eriş gives the following advice to those with rosacea: “Take a shower with warm water, then moisturize your skin. Caffeine and hot water increase skin redness. Therefore, do not drink hot tea and coffee. Use sunscreen regularly, including at home, and stay in cool places.”

If your mask gets damp from sweat, replace it with a new one.

Stating that sweat glands can be blocked due to increased sweating with the effect of the mask, it can lead to sweat gland cysts, one of the experts of Instructor Member Zahide Eriş recommends using a cleanser suitable for the skin type twice a day and changing the mask moistened with sweat, so that the pores are not blocked. Dr. Instructor Reminding that allergic bodies may develop an allergic reaction to the texture of the mask fabric due to the heat, Eriş says: “In this case, problems such as redness, itching, swelling and flaking may occur on the skin. If you wear a mask that you will make with a cotton fabric at home under the mask, you will cut the contact of the mask with the skin and eliminate the risk of allergies.

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