Does Nose Aesthetics Change According to Gender?

Does Rhinoplasty Change According to Gender?
Does Rhinoplasty Change According to Gender?

Ear Nose and Head and Neck Surgeon Specialist Op. Dr. Bahadır Baykal gave information on the subject. In general, in rhinoplasty surgeries, the surgical techniques are the same for men and women, but differ in aesthetic purpose and principle. In order not to create a feminine appearance, nose and lip pain, nasal ridge interventions and nasal bone interventions should be planned differently in male patients according to rhinoplasty for female patients.

The hollowing of the nasal dorsum in men causes a very bad appearance. In male noses, the nasal ridge is straight and it is more correct that the tip of the nose is at the same level as the nasal ridge. In some patients, leaving a very slight arch on the back of the nose will produce a more natural and beautiful result.

The ideal pain between the nose and upper lip in women is 100-105 degrees. In men, this pain should not exceed 90-95 degrees. By reducing this pain, an upturned nose structure is formed, which causes a very feminine appearance for the male patient.

Unlike female patients, nasal bones should not be thinned in male patients. If the nasal bones are brought too close to each other, a more feminine appearance will result if a thinning is created more than it should be in the front view.

In many male patients, compensatory rhinoplasty operations, which are formed by enlarging some points of the nose with cartilage grafts and reducing some points, are preferred in order not to reduce the nose too much.

Nose Aesthetic Surgery is recommended for patients with complaints of snoring.

Many male patients have complaints of nasal congestion due to the curvature of the nasal cartilages (deviation of the septum) and the wide nasal concha.

Nasal congestion is the most common cause of snoring during sleep. For this reason, nasal aesthetic surgery is recommended for patients with nasal congestion and snoring complaints, since it is an operation in which the septum cartilage is flattened while simultaneously reducing the turbinate.

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