Demirağ OIZ Will Contribute to Employment When Completed

Demirag OSB will contribute to employment
Demirag OSB will contribute to employment

STSO President Mustafa Eken, in his statement at the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting, said that 25-30 thousand unemployed people will start working in the factories to be opened here when Demirağ OIZ is completed.

Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) President Mustafa Eken attended the 3rd Meeting of the Provincial Coordination Board held under the chairmanship of Governor Salih Ayhan and gave information about the chamber works.

STSO President Mustafa Eken evaluated the meeting where Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank met with the business world and said, “Our Minister and our business world came together in our Chamber. Our business world conveyed their questions, troubles and demands to our Minister himself. We reiterated the fact that Sivas should be included in the scope of incentives, which we frequently mentioned to our Minister. Our President had promised encouragement, and I reminded the Minister again. The Minister also said that we are behind our word, hopefully good things will happen until the end of the year, you just have to finish your infrastructure. Hopefully, when Demirağ OIZ is completed, 25-30 thousand unemployed will start working in the factories to be opened here. Otherwise, we have no chance to end unemployment. Sivas has a very good advantage. There is a very good unity and togetherness in Sivas. We saw our governors, mayors and NGOs.”

“We need to ensure that flights are restarted”

Chairman Eken also expressed his reactions to the flights from the business world and said, “Izmir flights have been canceled again. Izmir flights were suspended in 2019, we talked to Pegasus General Manager and they were restarted within a month. But now it has been stopped again. We must create a rapid public opinion on this issue and ensure the resumption of flights. While all these good things are happening, while Sivas is growing, factories are coming, incentives are coming, infrastructures are being built, high-speed trains are coming, and the second university is opening, it is not right to abolish flights. That's why we need to make Sivas a place where planes can come from all directions, not only from Izmir, but also from Antalya and Ankara. I did the interviews. If we hold our meetings together, hopefully, flights will be started again in August, if not this month. As a business world, we expect support from our Governor, Mayor and especially our politicians on this issue.”

Expressing that the reporting part of the High-Speed ​​Train Workshop, organized by the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been completed and has been published as a booklet, Chairman Eken said; “We held a High Speed ​​​​Train Workshop by our chamber. With the participation of 25 of our teachers, we held a nice workshop organized under the leadership of our Governor and Mayor. Our 200 stakeholders gathered around the tables created and pondered. The results will be announced to the public with our Press Launch. Our booklets are in print and we will send this booklet to you and all our stakeholders. Of course, there is homework there. We will work on this assignment. I hope the High Speed ​​​​Train is coming on September 4th. We did this to see if we were ready, we also saw that we were not ready in some things. Here, we take precautions before the day to make the preparation. We will not expect everything from the state. As the business world, we will do our part. The results of the workshop will be delivered to you after the holiday. There is unity and solidarity in Sivas. No one will be able to break this unity and solidarity. We are with our state, our state is with us. We, as the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, are doing our part, and will continue to do so. May my Lord make our unity and solidarity always, and do not give opportunities to the enemies."

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