Children Should Not Be Introduced To Devices With Screens Before 3 Years Of Age

Don't introduce the age-old with the screen
Don't introduce the age-old with the screen

Along with the summer vacation, the use of social media by children and adolescents has also increased. Stating that it is inconvenient to open a social media account before the age of 13, experts draw attention to the importance of informing and being a role model for children in the use of social media. According to experts, children should not be introduced to devices with screens before the age of 3, and mobile phones should not be bought before the age of 12.

Üsküdar University NP Feneryolu Medical Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Neriman Kilit evaluated the use of social media in children and adolescents and what families should pay attention to.

Should not be introduced to devices with screens before the age of 3

Stating that today's children are born into a world where technology is used intensively, Neriman Kilit said, “From the moment of birth, our parents can use technology to keep the child entertained, fed or calmed down. However, it is not appropriate for children to be introduced to devices with screens before the age of 3 in order to create a secure attachment and to develop their language and communication skills in a healthy way. warned.

How long should the usage period be according to age periods?

In addition, Emphasizing that early exposure to screened devices has very important effects, Neriman Kilit stated that screen use times should be limited according to age periods and said: “The development of screen addiction and hunger and satiety in these children, healthy toilet training and the ability to calm themselves without a screen. can adversely affect. The daily individual use of technology that we recommend for the preschool age group after the age of 3 is 30 minutes, 4 minutes in the first 45 years of primary school age, 4 hour in the second 1 years, and 2 hours after high school. In other words, our recommendation is to limit it to 2 hours in adulthood.”

Cell phones should not be bought before the age of 12.

Stating that they do not recommend buying an individual mobile phone for children before adolescence, that is, before the age of 12-13, Neriman Kilit said, “The fact that internet use is under parental control from a computer with a child lock that can be used by everyone in the house until these ages, and individual use of social media and opening an account. We recommend not allowing it.” he said.

Stating that social media is a media space where information is shared, communicated with other people and dialogues are established, there is no time and place limitation, and it receives service from internet servers, Neriman Kilit said that it is used more and more frequently due to these features. Neriman Kilit says, “Especially with adolescence, our children demand to use social media intensively in order to communicate with their friends, to be aware of the changes in the developing world and to share on topics of interest.” he said.

Social media use should not be allowed before the age of 13

Noting that children tend to use social media for many other reasons, such as the absence of areas for children to play, the lack of opportunities for parents from working life and the decrease in family sharing, Neriman Kilit said, “Facebook, Instagram, twitter can be listed as social media networks that are generally used by children. Although the age of creating an account is 13 in the applications, since there is no control mechanism by the system, the responsibility falls on the parents.”

Neriman Kilit recommends that children should be allowed to use social media after the age of 13 and said that the individual characteristics of the child should be prioritized when setting rules for children's use of social media.

Social media use may be delayed if there are psychiatric problems

Psychiatrist Neriman Kilit noted that if the child has a psychiatric disorder such as ADHD, disruptive behavior disorder, impulse control disorder or mood disorder that affects decision making, it may even be possible to postpone the use of social media until the end of adolescence or until the child's psychiatric disorder returns to a certain order.

Parents, heed this advice

Noting that adolescents' ability to make the right decision is limited and in the process of development due to their hormonal and cognitive rapid development, Neriman Kilit listed his advice to parents as follows:

  • Initially, it may be advisable to open a joint account with the parents.
  • The child should be informed about not speaking to strangers and about the bad consequences that can be experienced in possible situations.
  • The parent should be a role model for daily use, not exceeding 2 hours a day.
  • Apart from the usage period, it should be explained that the pleasure of spending time face to face with one's friends from social life cannot be captured with social media.
  • It should be explained that the negative use of the Internet can cause problems such as depression, loneliness, and weakening of the ties with the social environment.
  • It should be encouraged to direct the child to sports and arts.
  • In addition, it should be explained that individuals who occupy an important place in the daily life of individuals, who implement their plans by making them according to their social media accounts, who perform socialization and cultural activities over the internet, can become "social media addicts" and that people of all ages should protect themselves from this.

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