Athletes of the Olympic Mothers Project Farewell to Tokyo

Athletes of the Olympic Mothers Project were welcomed to Tokyo
Athletes of the Olympic Mothers Project were welcomed to Tokyo

A total of 14 athletes, 29 of whom were women, who took part in the Olympic Mothers project, initiated by P&G to spread the sports culture in Turkey, were sent off to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo. Among P&G's athletes, there are star names such as World Champion National Athlete İbrahim Çolak and Olympic Gold Medalist National Athlete Taha Akgül.

Procter & Gamble (P&G), one of the world's largest personal care and cleaning products companies and the manufacturer of brands such as Fairy, Prima, and Ariel, started the Olympic Mothers Project in 2014 with the Turkish National Olympic Committee (TMOK) based on the importance of sports for healthy and self-confident generations. Then, she expanded this project in 30, which is its 2017th year in Turkey, by supporting 30 athletes and their mothers who will represent Turkey at the Olympics. Today, in its 34th year in Turkey, P&G supports 34 athletes and their mothers, both physically and mentally, who compete in Olympic branches such as athletics, wrestling, weightlifting, taekwondo, karate, archery, windsurfing, badminton, swimming, judo, cycling and fencing.

Among the athletes supported by P&G with the Olympic Mothers project, 14 of them are women and 29 of them won the right to represent Turkey at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, among them Aliye Demirbağ, Ecem Güzel, Enver Yıldırım, Evin Demirhan, Hatice Kübra İlgün, İbrahim Çolak, There are also champion names such as Mete Gazoz, Taha Akgül, Uğur Aktaş and Yasemin Ecem Anagöz. Shortly before the start of the Olympics, the first group of these athletes was sent off to Tokyo, and the athletes saluted their mothers, who made them come to this day, with “Olympic Mothers” banners.

“Our hopes are with our athletes, now we say “Hopefully to Tokyo”

Tankut Turnaoğlu, Chairman of the Board of P&G Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia, said that their aim is to grow with corporate citizenship topics and that they can leave a more livable world for the future only in this way, and said that they support the development of self-confidence of children and young people, especially with their projects focused on education, health and sports. Turnaoğlu said, “Sports is one of our tools in line with our goal of improving the future. A healthy and happy society is closely related to doing sports. In this context, we continue to support sports with our long-term projects and sponsorships in Turkey and around the world. While doing this, we do not limit ourselves to popular branches. With our Olympic Mothers project, we support our young people who play Olympic sports, which are not very well known in Turkey. Our Olympic Mothers project, which we started in 2014, is a project that aims to develop a sports culture in Turkey and to direct children to sports, and includes “mothers” at its center. Because we knew that if we support our mothers and mothers, who are the most important figures in the child's life, if we contribute and encourage them to break their prejudices, we will provide the greatest support to children and young people. Underlining that they supported 34 national athletes in their 34th year in Turkey, where the project is today, Turnaoğlu said, “29 of our athletes got their Olympic visa to represent our country at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and while we bid them farewell to the Olympics, they brought them to where they are today. We organized a small farewell with "Olympic Mothers" banners to show respect to their mothers. At the same time, we wanted to reiterate our belief in our athletes, I hope we were able to give them some morale. We trust our athletes and wholeheartedly believe that they will do their best. Our hopes are with our athletes and the Olympics are only a short time away. That's why we say, "Hopefully to Tokyo," he said.

“My mother sacrificed a lot for me and always believed in me”

Stating that he always set goals for himself, İbrahim Çolak said, “My first goal was to enter the National Team, and the second was to win a medal in the European Championship. After achieving these, I also achieved my 2019rd goal as World Champion in 3. Now I have the biggest of my goals in front of me, and that is to participate in the Olympic Games and get a medal. I hope I can do it in Tokyo too. My biggest supporter on this path is my mother. My mother sacrificed a lot for me and always believed in me. The Olympic Mothers project, which focuses on our mothers, provides a great moral support to me and all athletes, and makes us look at Tokyo with hope. The moral value of this motivation cannot be measured.

Taha Akgül, who made the whole of Turkey proud by reaching the Gold Medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, said: “My biggest goal is to reach the top step of the podium for the second time. I've accomplished this once and I can do it again, but when you get on the mat, even though hundreds of thousands of people are watching you, you're actually there alone. At this point, the moral support you receive is very important for you. Therefore, knowing that my family is watching me from the stands and my mother praying for me is definitely a very important driving force for me. Thanks to P&G, my family had the best experience of their lives at the 2016 Rio Olympics, with the Olympic Mothers project, a project implemented in cooperation with the Turkish National Olympic Committee and motivating mothers to support their children. Sometimes I talk to my family about these memories of Rio. As I listen to them, I realize that these memories are truly the most special moments in their lives. Therefore, P&G has a great place in my life, especially in my mother and myself. It was very important for us that they trusted me and sponsored the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Now, with the Olympic Mothers project, we are once again moving towards Tokyo, the Olympic Championship, with Hope. I hope we will be able to experience that joy together again.”

Here are those 29 athletes

Athletes who will represent Turkey by participating in the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo and supported by P&G with the Olympic Mothers; Ecem Güzel, Dilara Uralp, İbrahim Çolak, Neslihan Yiğit, Ahmet Örken, Buse Naz Çakıroğlu, Busenaz Sürmeneli, Batuhan Çiftçi, Nazlı Savranbası, Bilal Çiloğlu, Mete Gazoz, Yasemin Anagöz, Hatice Kübra İlgün, Nafia Kuş, Berkay Ömer Does Teach, Necati Er , Yasemin Adar, Cenk İldem, Evin Demirhan, Özkan Baltacı, Taha Akgül, Süleyman Atlı, Meryem Bekmez, Serap Özçelik Arapoğlu, Uğur Aktaş, Eray Şamdan, İlke Özyüksel and Salih Korkmaz.

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