An Invitation from ASELSAN to Young People for a Bright Future

An invitation to the youth from aselsan for a bright future
An invitation to the youth from aselsan for a bright future

High School Entrance Exam (LGS) preferences started on Monday, July 5th. Students will shape their future with the choices that will continue until 16 July. ASELSAN Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which was established to contribute to the training of the qualified workforce needed in the defense industry, is also waiting for its new students who aim for a bright future.

The most competent staff are grown here

Within the scope of the protocol signed between MEB and ASELSAN to train qualified personnel for the defense industry, the first vocational and technical Anatolian High School in this field was established in 2019. ASELSAN MTAL has the distinction of being a unique school in its own lane with what it offers to its students both in education and after education. The school, which took students from the 2019 percentile in 0,46, took students from the 0,33th percentile last year.

ASELSAN's Erasmus+ accreditation application in the field of vocational education was accepted in the past months. With the program, ASELSAN employees will participate in activities carried out abroad related to their professional fields and develop their competencies and skills. Within the scope of Erasmus+ accreditation, ASELSAN MTAL teachers and students are also planned to be included in international mobility programs.

On the other hand, students who receive training in the workshop to be established within the school will have the opportunity to develop their theoretical education in the practical field. Students will also be able to gain experience with ASELSAN internship programs. After the training, with the ASELSAN employment program, the working potential of the students will be included in the workforce without losing time.

5 years of exclusive educational content

ASELSAN Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School has a 5-year, elite education content in two branches: "Defense Electronic Systems" and "Defense Mechanical Systems". The curricula of both branches were developed specifically for the needs of the defense industry with a working team formed by ASELSAN and the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education. Some of the field and branch courses were planned to be given by ASELSAN trainers. Some of the in-service trainings of school teachers will also be coordinated by ASELSAN experts. In addition, the establishment and equipping of defense industry-oriented workshops and laboratories within the school will also be carried out by the joint will of ASELSAN, the Presidency of Defense Industries and the Ministry of National Education.

Supporting the social development of young people

ASELSAN Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School has an infrastructure that can contribute to the development of students with sports and cultural activities as well as these academic opportunities. A music room was set up so that students can learn to play various instruments with music teachers. Thanks to the indoor gymnasium and fitness center equipped with modern equipment, a healthy environment has been created for students to do team sports and individual activities. In addition, the nature and winter sports activities ensure that the students do not lose their relationship with nature.

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