All Charities Mobilized Their Opportunities for Manavgat Fire Disaster

All aid organizations mobilized their resources for the fire disaster in Manavgat.
All aid organizations mobilized their resources for the fire disaster in Manavgat.

Work continues on the fire disaster, which started from 28 different points in Antalya's Manavgat district on Wednesday, July 2021, 4, and continued to increase with the effect of the wind. In addition to AFAD, UMKE, Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH), Türk Telekom Search and Rescue (TTAKE), SKUT, Turkish Radio Amateurs Association (TRAC) and many firefighters working to extinguish the fire, AKUT Search and Rescue Association is also actively involved. at the beginning.

In the works in which AKUT Alanya, Antalya, Kaş Kalkan teams participated with 14 volunteers and 4 vehicles, 24 adults, 4 children and 6 animals affected by the fire disaster were evacuated to the safe area by AKUT teams. While AKUT Ankara, Niğde and Fethiye teams are standing by to participate in the work, the AKUT Istanbul team provides logistical support to the region.

In addition, AKUT Marmaris, AKUT Mersin and AKUT Bodrum teams were also involved in the operations to support the efforts to extinguish the fires in their regions.

Recep Şalcı: “We Mobilize Our Possibilities”

Stating that all aid organizations, including AFAD, UMKE, IHH, TTAKE, SKUT, TRAC, firefighters and AKUT, rushed to Manavgat by mobilizing their means, AKUT President Recep Şalcı wished the people of Antalya Manavgat to get well soon, and said: According to the information, in Manavgat, where we lost hundreds of animals and trees, as well as 3 of our citizens, we are working with all our strength to prevent our suffering from getting even greater.” said.

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