Alaçatı Hosted Marine Art for the First Time


Alaçatı hosted marine art for the first time. Artist Genco Gülan, who gives conferences all over the world and whose works are included in the textbooks of the world's leading universities, opened an exhibition "at sea". The “Floating Sculptures and Floating Pictures” exhibition in Alaçatı attracted great attention.

Conceptual artist Genco Gülan has implemented the concept of "sea art", which he has been working on since 2013. Genco Gülan, who reproduced a series of new works hosted by Pırıl Gündüz, exhibited these works floating off the coast of Alaçatı.

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Sculptures made by the artist with pumice stones collected from the peninsula were presented to art lovers while floating off the coast of Çark Harbor. The works named “Mermaid Necklace”, “A Sculpture is a Face, Save the History of Western Art”, and “The Sea Revolts”, in which he used other materials such as marble and concrete besides pumice stone, caused the amazement of the audience.

Along with the Floating Sculptures series, the artist brought together the Floating Paintings series, which consists of oil paintings, with the same exhibition. Gülan, who is currently investigating the swimming dynamics of ancient amphoras within the scope of his project titled “Floating Ceramics”, said that with the series “Floating Sculptures and Floating Paintings”, he suggested a new term to art history, called “Marine Art”, and wanted to draw attention to the danger of global warming and the increase in sea levels with this exhibition. . Gülan plans to send a few pieces from the Floating Pictures series to the Greek islands in the coming days, using natural currents and as a peace ambassador.


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