AKINCI TİHA Hits with Warhead Ammunition for the First Time

Akinci Tiha struck for the first time with warhead ammunition
Akinci Tiha struck for the first time with warhead ammunition

AKINCI TİHA, whose training and test flights continue, struck for the first time with warhead ammunition. Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA (Assault Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which was developed by BAYKAR with domestic and national means, within the scope of the project carried out under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB), struck for the first time with warhead ammunition.

Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA successfully hit targets with the nationally developed smart ammunitions MAM-C, MAM-L and MAM-T, which were used for the first time, in the first firing test conducted on April 22, 2021. For the first time, warhead ammunition was used in the firing test carried out on July 5, 2021. In the shooting test performed with live ammunition, the ammunition fired from AKINCI hit the targets with full accuracy.

With the KGK-SİHA-82, specially developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE for SİHAs over the UPS-82, targets at a range of 55 km can be hit with high precision. The total weight of the two UPS-SİHA-82 ammunition that can be used from AKINCI TİHA is 700 kg. KGK-SİHA-82 has precision strike capability with integrated ANS/AKS (INS/GPS).

NEB-84 ammunition with HGK to AKINCI TİHA

Akıncı S-84 TİHA, equipped with the HGK-84 (Precision Guidance Kit) integrated Penetrating Bomb, or NEB-1, developed by TUBITAK SAGE, was shared by Baykar Defense Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar.

With a weight of close to 1 ton compared to the MAM-C, MAM-L and MAM-T used in previous tests, the HGK-NEB-84 was a new stage in testing Akıncı's carrying capabilities. The first use of the underbody weapon station; The underbody weapon station, which can carry 1 ton of ammunition, can carry different ammunition combinations or various payloads, as well as SOM and SOM-J cruise missiles.

AKINCI TİHA broke the altitude record in Turkish aviation history

President of Turkish Defense Industry Prof. Dr. In the statement made by İsmail Demir, it was stated that he had reached an altitude of 38.000 feet, “AKINCI TİHA-Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle broke the altitude record of Turkish aviation history by reaching the highest altitude reached by a domestic and national aircraft. AKINCI, which rose to an altitude of 38.039 feet (11.594 meters), remained in the air for 25 hours and 46 minutes.”Statements were included.

In the statement made by Baykar Defense, “Bayraktar #AKINCI TİHA broke the altitude record of Turkish aviation history by climbing to an altitude of 38.039 feet. It is the first time that a national aircraft has reached this altitude.” statement was included. AKINCI TİHA, which took off at 6:2021 on July 20.58, 7, landed at 2021:22.44 on July 25, 46, and stayed in the air for 7.507 hours and 8 minutes. During the flight, 2021 km was covered by AKINCI TİHA. Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA made 870 sorties in test and training flights until July 347, 28, and flew for a total of XNUMX hours and XNUMX minutes.

7500 km marathon from Bayraktar AKINCI UAV
Baykar Defense Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar announced on Twitter that the AKINCI UAV flew 2 km on July 2021, 6.000. With the latest statement, it was stated that AKINCI TİHA covered a distance of 6 km in the flight performed on 7-7.507 July. AKINCI T/UHA continues the flights of PT-2 and S-1. As it is known, as of March 2021, Force personnel started training for Akıncı T/UAV.

AKINCI S-1, the first serial production aircraft of Bayraktar AKINCI Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, successfully completed its first flight test on 19 May 2021. AKINCI T/UHA, developed by Baykar Defense, is planned to enter the inventory by the end of 2021.

The operational radius of 5000 km for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (IGK / ISR) missions announced for AKINCI UAV shows that there is an operational range target of 10.000 km in the mission to be executed. The radius of operation indicates the “most extreme” point where the aircraft can return to the take-off airbase / aerodrome after it has performed its duty approximately after take-off.

In the images shared by Selçuk Bayraktar, it is seen that there is no ammunition payload at the AKINCI UAV under-wing stations. It was thought that the test activity carried out was for AKINCI UAV IGK / ISR missions.

While it is stated that AKINCI TİHA (attack UAV) will have a radius of 2500 km, the security forces will have the capability to carry out offensive operations at a range of 5000 km.

“The operational radius of Bayraktar AKINCI Offensive UAV is 5000 km”

Journalist İbrahim Haskoloğlu held an interview with Baykar Defense General Manager Haluk Bayraktar on Twitch on February 27, 2021. Haluk Bayraktar stated in the interview that the Akıncı Assault UAV will enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces in 2021. He added that Akıncı could serve in different forces. He said that the Akinci UAV had a 2500 km radius range for attack purposes and a 5000 km operating radius for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

He also stated that Akıncı Taarruzi UAV will hide itself thanks to its electronic warfare system and will show itself in different places on the radar. He said that Akıncı has alternatives in terms of engines and that their preference is Black Sea Shield (Baykar-Ivchenko Progress joint venture) AI-450T engines.

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