Public Transportation 50 Percent Discount During the Holiday in Izmir

Mass transportation in izmir during the holiday with a percent discount
Mass transportation in izmir during the holiday with a percent discount

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality decided to discount 50 percent in public transportation vehicles during the Sacrifice Festival. There will be special expeditions to the cemeteries starting from the eve of the day.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has decided to provide a 50 percent discount on public transportation vehicles in order to provide transportation opportunities for Izmir residents at lower costs, will organize bus services to the cemeteries on the eve and during the feast. In addition, a sufficient number of buses will be added to the lines connected to the Bus Station, so that those who go outside of Izmir can make their transportation more comfortable. The bus lines passing through the sacrifice sales and slaughter areas will also be reinforced.

During the Feast of Sacrifice, discounted tariffs are offered by the ESHOT General Directorate and the public transportation vehicles of the Seferihisar Cooperative, Metro A.Ş, İzdeniz A.Ş, Izulaş A.Ş. under the control of ESHOT, and İzban A.Ş., a partnership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. It will be applied within the transfer rules of the existing system in public transportation vehicles. The discount will not be valid for the airport, Owl, Ticket 35, Prepaid Transportation Cards, Campus Student Tariff and Auto Allocation and Adherence Tariff.

cemetery expeditions

914 by ESHOT, starting from the eve of the feast, during the Eid al-Adha. Karşıyaka Iskele-Dogancay Cemetery, 915 Karşıyaka Iskele-Örnekköy Cemetery, 917 Fahrettin Altay-Balçova Cemetery, 918 Fahrettin Altay-Narlıdere Lower Cemetery, 919 Konak-Karabağlar Cemetery, 922 Konak-Yeşilyurt Cemetery, 923 Bornova-Hacılarkırı Cemetery, 924 Kab Bornova-Hacılarkırı Cemetery, 925 Kab Bornova-Hacılarkırı Cemetery 926 , 927 Şirinyer-Old/New Cemetery, 928 Bornova-New Bornova Cemetery, XNUMX Fahrettin Altay-Tırazlı lines will run to cemeteries.



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