The 3rd Leg of the Intercity Cup Races Has Ended

intercity cup races leg is over
intercity cup races leg is over

The third leg of the 2021 Intercity Cup races held at Intercity Istanbul Park, one of the most prestigious race tracks in the world, was completed today. The races were organized in 3 different categories as Intercity Platinum Cup, Intercity Gold Cup and Intercity Silver Cup. While the races, in which a total of 3 pilots fought fiercely, were eye-catching, the dose of excitement did not stop for a moment.

The third leg of the Intercity Cup races, which offers an adrenaline-filled racing experience to everyone with a passion for racing, has been completed. Race lovers from all over Turkey came together in the races organized by the Istanbul Park Sports Club and displayed their skills at Intercity Istanbul Park, where the world's best racing drivers will compete on 3-1 October this year.

The races were eye-catching in the Intercity Platinum Cup

Legendary Caterham racing cars took their place on the track in the Intercity Platinum Cup, where 9 pilots with the highest level of driving ability competed against each other. As a result of the event, in which 12 races of 2 laps each took place, the leader came to the top with 161 points. In the Intercity Gold Cup, which is at the top step of amateur piloting, 23 pilots had their racing experience with Renault Megane vehicles to the end. The pilot, who came first in the race, which was organized as 8 laps, managed to collect 74 points.

Excitement is at its peak at Intercity Silver Cup, the first favorite of racing lovers

Motor sports lovers, who have never been on the track professionally before, experienced the excitement of racing at the Intercity Silver Cup, which is a prominent option for those who want to start motor sports. The pilot, who reached the leadership in the 2021 Intercity Silver Cup, which was held with Renault Clio cars, which were specially prepared and equipped with the highest level of safety equipment, collected 77 points.

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