20. Sailing Cruise in the Bosphorus

sailing in istanbul bosphorus
sailing in istanbul bosphorus

The Bosphorus Cup, the scene of delightful and unique landscapes, where the best sailors of Turkey and the surrounding geography compete and followed with curiosity by sailing enthusiasts from all over the world since 2002, will take place for the 23th time on September 26-20 in the Bosphorus. Bosphorus Cup with its logo specially designed for the 20th anniversary kazanIn addition to the traditional silver trophy, the team celebrates its 20th anniversary. kazanIt will go down in the history of the organization as a memory.

Bosphorus Cup, which has been held in the Bosphorus since the first day it was held in 2002 and has been eagerly awaited by sailing enthusiasts from all over the world, is being held for the 20th time this year. After the first organization held in 2002 with 19 sailboats, the event, which has managed to host over 10 thousand sailors and over a thousand sailboats from more than 10 countries to date, plays an active role in the promotion of Istanbul.

Bosphorus crossing will be held on September 25

The 23th Bosphorus Cup, which will start with a training race on September 20, will continue with buoy races in the Sea of ​​Marmara on September 24 and 26. Passage through the Bosphorus, which gives the race its name, will take place on Saturday, September 25. Giving information about the event to be held this year, Bosphorus Cup Founder Orhan Gorbon states that Turkey's best sailors have been participating in the Bosphorus Cup since 2002, and that they have attracted great interest especially from the nearby geography over the years. “There is an enjoyable competition with the participation of sailors from Turkey and mostly from the nearby geography. We expect 75 sailboats to take part in the organization this year, together with participants from countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, France and Spain,” Gorbon said. kazanAn awards the team with a specially designed trophy in 2004, made of a mixture of silver and crystal. Due to the 'trophy' feature of the Bosphorus Cup, kazanmoment the team exhibits the trophy for 1 year and the next year new kazanmoment passes the trophy to the team. Therefore, last year's kazanThe memory of Levent Cheese is to be able to hold the trophy this year and to celebrate the 20th anniversary. kazanIt will compete to become a memory.”

a visual feast

Stating that there was a sailing feast in the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara throughout the Bosphorus Cup organization, Gorbon underlines the necessity of not missing the opportunity to take part in the feast that will take place this year: “The Bosphorus Cup is one of the most important sailing events in the world. The fact that it takes place in the Bosphorus makes it unique. We are broadcasting the Bosphorus Crossing day of the race live for sailing lovers from all over the world. Close to 60 million viewers from 100 countries are watching today. Even though tens of thousands of sailing lovers from all over the world cannot be found in this unique environment, they can share the excitement of the race from afar. For all these reasons, I invite sailing lovers to be a part of this feast.”

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