2 New Unmanned Marine Vehicles for the Security of the Blue Homeland

new unmanned watercraft for the security of the blue homeland
new unmanned watercraft for the security of the blue homeland

ASELSAN and SEFİNE Shipyard are developing new unmanned sea vehicles for the security of the Blue Homeland. The two new Unmanned Naval Vehicles, whose production has begun, will be used in tasks such as autonomous reconnaissance-intelligence, surface warfare, underwater warfare, base/port/critical facility and protection of high-value floating platforms.

With the ceremony held at SEFİNE Shipyard, the block assembly activities of the Autonomous and Herd Capable Armed Unmanned Surface Warfare Vehicle were started. At the same ceremony, the sheet metal cutting of the Autonomous and Swarm Capable Unmanned Anti-Submarine Warfare Vehicle was also carried out.

Both vessels are capable of speeding in excess of 40 knots. Autonomous vehicles with a range of more than 600 nautical miles will serve for about four days without the need for resupply. With their high maneuverability and speed, autonomous marine vehicles will perform flawless missions and cruises even in the most challenging sea situations.

Among the outstanding features of the new Unmanned Marine Vehicles will be:

The developed autonomous unmanned sea vehicle will be able to transfer the images it receives to desired centers in real time, detect and classify surface elements, and perform autonomous navigation and operations while avoiding fixed and moving obstacles even in cases where communication is lost.

With the Autonomy software, it will be able to navigate adaptively according to what it perceives from the sensors on it and will be able to proceed autonomously according to the maritime traffic rules.

In order to gain surface warfare capability, ROKETSAN's tactical missile system and ASELSAN's stabilized machine gun system STAMP will provide autonomous protection of base/port/critical facility and floating platforms in surface warfare.

Both sea vehicles can be transported by cargo planes, military ships or by road and transferred to their duty points.

The autonomous sea vehicle designed for surface warfare can be converted to trimaran form with the expandable platform. Thus, it will be possible to use different weapons and systems by increasing the useful load capacity. It will also be able to perform electronic warfare, underwater warfare and mine warfare functions.

Autonomous Unmanned Marine Vehicle; In addition to its surface warfare mission, it will also be used for the security of military bases and civil ports against asymmetrical threats. It will transmit real-time video and images with the satellite system it carries.

Within the scope of cooperation with Türk Loydu, support will be provided for the development of autonomous military ship rules.

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