Hıdırellez Road to Serve More than 10 Neighborhoods Has Been Completed

Hidirellez road, which will serve more than XNUMX neighborhood, has been completed
Hidirellez road, which will serve more than XNUMX neighborhood, has been completed

The Hıdırellez Road, which was completed by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and will serve more than 10 neighborhoods on the shore of the Yamula Dam in the continuation of Erkilet Boulevard in the north of the city, has become modern, comfortable and safe after all the works have been completed. The road, described by the residents as “it was a road we could not even imagine”, will also increase the attractiveness of the regions bordering the Yamula Dam.

Metropolitan Mayor Dr. The entire Hıdırellez Road, for which Memduh Büyükkılıç gave the construction instructions and conducted on-site inspections many times during its construction, was put into service for the citizens after self-sacrificing and self-sacrificing works. Hıdırellez Road, whose cost exceeds 10 million liras, has become a comfortable, comfortable and safe road by completing night lighting.

President Büyükkılıç, regarding the road connecting the north of the city to the center with modern and comfortable transportation, wished “Good luck to our region, our Erkilet and our neighborhoods and villages in this region”.

As a result of the works carried out on the road and the residents of the region, who are aware of the difficult nature of the region, described as “it was a road we could not even imagine”, the attractiveness of the settlements on the coast of the Yamula Dam will also increase.


Mayor Büyükkılıç, who strives to minimize the difference between rural and central neighborhoods with the projects he has realized and the moves he has made, stated that the Hıdırellez Road, which will play an important role in the integration of the city, is a road of strategic importance that provides the connection to the settlements on the coast of Yamula Dam.

Expressing that the safety of life and property of the citizens is more important than anything else, Mayor Büyükkılıç said that the dangerous bends on the road were completely destroyed, the valleys were filled with soil, retaining walls were built, box culverts were placed to protect the road infrastructure and against a possible flood, and car guards and road guards were placed on the road. He said it was made more secure.


The Hıdırellez Road, with a total length of 5 kilometers, which has been made modern and safe, has also been expanded and made available as 2 exits and 1 landing strip, except for the security strip, and night lighting and security measures have been completed. With the Hıdırellez Road, which connects the neighborhoods in the north of the city to the center with the comfort of a highway, transportation started to be provided in a safe and comfortable way.


After the completion of the first phase of the Hıdırellez Road, the road was closed for use due to the risk of landslides due to the works in the mine in the region. President Büyükkılıç immediately intervened in the issue and initiated the necessary actions and started to work on making the road accessible again. In this context, thanks to the teams working in double shifts, day and night, with 3 excavators at an angle of 60-70 degrees, 350 thousand tons of soil and rock were transported, the road was restored and road safety was ensured by placing 50 concrete blocks on the side of the road. From five in the morning to nine at night, the activities of the teams continued day and night, and the second phase of the Hıdırellez Road was completed, and became a modern, comfortable and safe road.

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