What is a Smart City? What to do in Samsun

what is a smart city, what to do in samsun
what is a smart city, what to do in samsun

The "Smart City Traffic Safety", which will be implemented by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality together with ASELSAN, will increase the quality of life of people with physical, digital and human systems compatible with the environment. It will carry Samsun into the future by offering a modern, competitive, functional and sustainable future. The traffic flow rate will increase with the project, which aims to prevent traffic accidents.

The 'Smart City Traffic Safety' project, prepared by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and to be carried out by ASELSAN, has been a source of inspiration for many cities. The project, which was started with the protocol signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and ASELSAN last June, will be realized as one of the most important investments of Samsun.

The Metropolitan Municipality will solve traffic and transportation problems with traffic applications and information technologies that will be included in the smart city concept. Information such as speed and location collected from sensors placed at certain points of the city will offer an alternative solution in cases of traffic jams. In this direction, the signaling times can be changed according to the traffic situation. When obstacles that will affect the traffic flow such as accidents occur, quick and effective interventions will be made. It will be ensured that the units that need to intervene on the scene such as the fire brigade, police and ambulance will move quickly in the traffic.

The status of public transport systems will be monitored online. In this context, the most appropriate arrangements can be made for the public. Offering a modern, competitive, functional and sustainable future that improves the quality of life of people with environmentally compatible physical, digital and human systems; Samsun will be the first province in Turkey to adopt the smart city application supported by advanced vital technologies.


The teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, who took x-rays of the Samsun traffic before the project, determined that the number of two-way, daily average 70 thousand vehicles was reached, especially in the sections of Atatürk Boulevard where the traffic was heavy.

In addition, the average “Traffic Flow Speed” was measured on Atatürk Boulevard, 07.30.Yıl Boulevard, Abdullah Gül Boulevard and İsmet İnönü Boulevard at the peak of traffic between 08.30-17.15 and 17.45-100 hours. As a result of the measurements made, the average speeds; It was determined that 38 kilometers per hour on Atatürk Boulevard, 100 kilometers in the morning and 19 kilometers in the evening on 22. Yıl Boulevard, 32 kilometers on Abdullah Gül Boulevard and 30 kilometers on İsmet İnönü Boulevard. This situation revealed that the average speed of the traffic flow was considerably lower than the maximum speed limit and the driving comfort decreased.


Traffic accident rates were also determined within the scope of the project, which will prevent problems such as loss of time, fuel consumption and increased carbon emissions brought about by the increasing number of vehicles with smart traffic practices. Accordingly, the Provincial Police Department 2019 Atakum, Canik, İlkadım and Tekkeköy accident statistics were examined. It was determined that 21 percent of the traffic accidents occurred on Atatürk Boulevard, 5 percent on 100. Yıl Boulevard, and 4 percent between the Eastern Ring Road Canik-Bus Station. It was determined that 64 people were injured and 113 people died in 3 accidents in the central district.

It was observed that the accidents were mainly caused by speed violations, not complying with the crossing rules, pedestrian faults and participation in traffic. While a total of 6 thousand 90 traffic accidents occurred throughout the province, it was determined that 4 thousand 353 people were injured and 87 people died.

In line with the determinations made, the Metropolitan Municipality's 'Smart City Traffic Safety' project, which tries to create short, medium and long-term solutions in order to increase traffic safety in Samsun, increase comfort and provide efficiency, will be an exemplary work in Turkey.

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