What are the Jobs of the Future? Occupations That Will Be Popular After 2021

What are the professions of the future?
What are the professions of the future?

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in life. When choosing a profession, you not only determine your method of making money, but you also choose what you will be interested in during the most productive hours of your day for many years.

Considering these points, it would be a very logical choice to choose a profession that is suitable for your interests, reflects you and meets an important need in the current period, that is, suitable for the conditions of the age.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

We frequently use artificial intelligence in every aspect of our lives. Artificial intelligence technology, which has become an important part of our lives, is developing day by day and offers functional solutions. Especially big companies, which equip their infrastructures with the latest technology, follow the developments in the field of artificial intelligence with great enthusiasm and make very good investments in this field. This shows that there will be a great need for people who will work on artificial intelligence in the coming years.

If you want to work on artificial intelligence, which comes into play in every field from banking to the health sector, from the textile to the construction sector, you need to have a good command of mathematics, software, BIG Data technology and algorithms.

Robotics Engineer

The robot technology we watch in science fiction movies has now become a reality. Robot technology, which has much more development potential, is actively used in many sectors. For example, it is no longer surprising to see robots at the head of production lines. Surgical aid robots that come into play during the surgery also make a difference in the health sector.

The Robotic Engineer prepares the appropriate software and defines tasks for the robots and arranges the necessary commands and coordination on how to do these tasks.

To be a robotics engineer, you need to be proficient in mathematics and science, as well as improve yourself in software, computers and algorithms.

Cyber ​​Security Expertise

When it comes to technology, one of the first questions that comes to mind is "How safe am I on digital platforms?" is happening. Pirate attacks, site hacks can happen to many people or institutions, and corporate information can leak out. This makes it necessary to protect cyber networks with the latest and most up-to-date technological equipment and security networks.

Today, many important and private information of individuals, companies or government institutions are stored in the virtual environment. In case of a possible attack on the areas where this information is stored, there can be serious problems. Cyber ​​security, which comes into play at this point, acts as a protective shield against internet attacks. Considering that technology is advancing day by day and hackers are developing new methods to bypass security systems, we can say that cyber security expertise will be among the professions that are valued in the future.

To become a cyber security expert, it is necessary to advance in areas such as computer technologies, software, mathematics and be able to think analytically.

Software and Application Developer

Today, the power of software is used in almost every sector. Software and application developers, who produce solutions blended with technology by providing the necessary support to companies, are among the professions that will maintain their popularity in the future.

Software and application development specialists have job descriptions such as developing software suitable for these needs, developing applications that we use frequently and making our lives easier, and regularly updating these applications and software, taking into account the needs of companies.

If you want to be a good programmer, it is very important to be interested in computer systems, to improve yourself in mathematics and algorithms, and to have problem solving skills.

Game Developer

If you are a person who closely follows the game industry and plays games, you can easily observe how serious progress has been made even in a short time like only five years.

The game industry is advancing at a very fast pace these days, where technology is developing all the time and the time spent on the internet is getting longer. While the infrastructures of the games are constantly being updated and improved, great improvements are also made in the effects and visuals.

The more the industry expands, the more it needs new game developers. If you want to switch from the game player to the developer and turn your field of interest into your profession, having a good command of software languages ​​and being open to development in design and effects can make a difference for you.

Digital Marketing Expertise

With the development speed of technology, digital marketing is gaining more and more importance day by day. The pandemic process, which has been experienced all over the world for the last year, has once again demonstrated what conveniences digital developments can provide. In this period, companies focused on digital developments by realizing what the digital world could do and the deficiencies in their own digital infrastructure.

The need for digital marketing experts is also increasing today, when many sectors have switched to remote working order, online shopping reaches the highest data, and even activities such as socialization, education and sports can be done through digital channels.
In order to become a digital marketing specialist, it is necessary to closely monitor digital trends, to dominate social media platforms, to improve oneself in SEO, Google Analytics, and to create digital marketing trends.

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