Future of Digitization in Manufacturing Discussed

The future of digitalization in production is on the table
The future of digitalization in production is on the table

Technology company Doruk, which participated in Forum Istanbul 2021, drew attention to the importance of digitalization in production at the "Industry 4.0 Now-Industry 5.0 Tomorrow" session.

Technology brand Doruk, which develops the only intelligent production management system in the world fully integrated with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, participated in Forum Istanbul 2021, organized online by Özgencil Group with the contribution of Dünya newspaper, with the theme of "Understanding Tomorrow". Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation Managing Director Aylin Tülay Özden, who took part as a speaker at the "Industry 4.0-Tomorrow Industry 5.0" session moderated by Dünya Newspaper's General Coordinator Vahap Munyar, talked about the importance of digitalization for production during the pandemic period and said that Turkey's Industry 4.0 evaluated the transition process.

Forum Istanbul, organized by Özgencil Group in cooperation with Dünya newspaper, as Turkey's longest-running international vision meeting, which deals with the world and country agenda and also evaluates future perspectives, was held online this year with the theme of "Understanding Tomorrow". Within the scope of the event, Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation Managing Director Aylin Tülay Özden participated as a speaker in the "Industry Now 4.0-Tomorrow Industry 5.0" session moderated by Vahap Munyar, the General Coordinator of Dünya Newspaper.

Digitization is critical in manufacturing

Pointing out that the pandemic process has accelerated digitalization in the world and in our country, Aylin Tülay Özden; “The pandemic had two major effects in the world and in Turkey. The first is the reduction of the workforce. Especially in the early stages of the pandemic, there was a decrease in the workforce due to the intermittent work of workplaces and factories with fewer people. Subsequently, the workforce was further diluted due to the sick people. The second important effect of the process was the introduction of working from home into our lives. These two effects caused some problems in many sectors and especially in production. At this point, we learned that digitalization in production has a very critical importance as the world and Turkey. Digitization in production has compensated for the problem of the sparseness of the workforce, both with the digitalization of operational management and the autonomous operation of machines and equipment. However, companies that set up their digitalization systems before the pandemic gained enormous advantages.

We are a country open to innovations

Evaluating Turkey's progress in the digital transformation process, Özden said, “I can say that we are far ahead, especially when we compare our banking sector and e-Government applications with other countries in the world. As a society, we are very open to innovations. We are one of the leading countries in the world in internet and mobile phone usage. Therefore, I think that we are among the culturally advanced countries in the world in the spread of digitalization to society. For example; As a local, national engineering and R&D company, we have been offering our digitalization solutions in production operations in Turkey for 23 years. Manufacturers in our country have many years of experience and usage experience. I believe Turkey, with its young population, has a bright future in digitalization. For this reason, our level of digitalization in production will also increase rapidly.”

The lack of qualified software developers is the bleeding wound of the sector.

Stating that our country is sufficient for Industry 4.0 in terms of necessary hardware and technological competence, but the lack of qualified software developers constitutes a very serious problem, Özden continued his words as follows; “We can say that one of the most important problems of our industry is the lack of qualified software developers. In our country, our young people and experienced experts, who are especially devoted to software, technology and computer science, have an idealistic and international vision. Software developers can use technologies that make up the infrastructure of especially internet technologies, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 independently of the place due to their nature. A professional with the appropriate technological equipment can work in the field of software and internet technologies, regardless of location. Therefore, we have human resources in our country that can develop technology products at international standards, and this human resource is in demand from abroad. The main problem here is that these qualified people unfortunately do not choose to stay in Turkey. We need to improve the economic, environmental and sociological conditions in Turkey and ensure that well-equipped people work for Turkey, not abroad. On the other hand, as a country, we tend to prefer foreign products rather than domestic products. This trend is also present when we offer our engineering solutions and services. Our industrialist, who receives a service from Turkey, can easily pay several times when he receives a solution from abroad, but if the solution comes from Turkey, he prefers to negotiate a little more.”

We must integrate our young population into the manufacturing industry

Sharing his views on how Industry 4.0 will enter our lives, Aylin Tülay Özden completed her words as follows: “If we look at the engineering approach; We need to design mechanisms and systems that produce solutions to problems with IoT, artificial intelligence and other Industry 4.0 technologies. The issue that needs to be focused here is, against which problems will we use these technologies in factories to produce solutions? With today's technologies, robots have replaced humans in some jobs. The robotization and mechanization dimension of Industry 4.0 is of great importance in countries such as Germany and Japan. However, if we take the example of Turkey and America, there are many young people in these two markets. These young people have used the internet very extensively and are currently studying entirely on the internet. They are very familiar with mobile applications, cell phones and live in the digital world. They do their shopping in the digital world, their communication and sohbetthey do in the virtual world. At this point, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a young population in the world and in Turkey, but this population does not want to work in factories consisting only of machines, mechanical and manual operations. Therefore, we need to think multi-dimensionally when considering how Industry 4.0 will enter our lives. As Turkey, we need to increase our gross national product, reduce many of our foreign dependencies and increase our exports. We are a country with a strong industry. We have to find formulas to incorporate our precious and talented population into the manufacturing industry. I do not think that robotization alone is the right solution for Turkey. If we do this, I believe that issues such as what kind of job, what kind of income we will find for the manpower that will be born after, and what kind of social explosion this will create should be seriously considered. The future of production cannot be independent of culture and sociology.”

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