Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail Will Carry Bursa to the Top

uludag premium ultra trail will carry bursa to the top
uludag premium ultra trail will carry bursa to the top

With the support and contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many brand activities in order to spread sports to the grassroots and to ensure that youth and children meet with sports, the 'Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail', which was held for the third time this year at the summit of Uludağ, will start on Saturday, July 3rd.

The “Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail”, which will be held under the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department, will be held in 1 general classification and 5 different age categories. 1100 athletes have registered for the long-running marathon so far. It is expected that the number of athletes will reach 1500 by the race day. Combining the magnificent nature and local texture of Uludağ and its surroundings with its technical structure, “Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail” will be an unforgettable experience for all runners. The long-running race, which is a candidate to become Turkey's most important ultra-marathon with the number of athletes and the participation of the public, will make a significant contribution to nature sports tourism.

They will discover Uludag

The longest stage of the race, which will bring together 66K, 30K, 16K and 6K stages and thousands of domestic and foreign athletes at the summit of Uludağ, is 100 kilometers. Marathon runners will witness the unique beauty of Uludağ by passing Zeyniler, Cumalıkızık, Kürekli Waterfall, Saitabat Waterfall, Glacial Ponds, Uludağ Peak, Softaboğan Waterfall, Bakacak, Kurbağa Kaya and Sarıalan. The start of the 30K and 16K races, which will be run on Saturday morning, will be given by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş.

On Sunday, July 4, when the winners of the marathon will receive their medals, a free public walk to Softaboğan Waterfall will be held. Participants in the event will discover Softaboğan Waterfall with a 6000-kilometer walk through the forest, with the starting point of 5 squares, accompanied by a guide.

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