Turkey's 2021 Defense Budget is 99 Billion Liras

Turkey's defense budget billion lira
Turkey's defense budget billion lira

NATO regularly collects data on defense expenditures of its allies and presents this data with various graphs. Current and estimated data are included in the report, according to the definition adopted by each ally's ministry of defense. In the data released by NATO, it was stated that Turkey will spend 2021 billion liras in defense in 99.

The values ​​in the report represent payments made and will be made by governments during the fiscal year to meet the needs of the country's armed forces, allied and alliance needs.

NATO member states have pledged to increase their contribution to the NATO budget to 2024 percent of their gross domestic product by 2. This decision was taken as a result of intense insistence of the USA. In this direction, the defense budgets of NATO countries continue to increase. Since 2021 has not been completed yet, the data presented by the countries officially reveal the budgets allocated to defense expenditures, but these numbers may change at the end of the year with the additional expenditures that countries can make. As a matter of fact, Turkey is one of the countries that frequently uses additional budgets in defense expenditures due to its high operational activity. 

According to data submitted to NATO Defense Expenditure of NATO Countries (2014-2021) [COMMUNIQUE PR/CP(2021)094] Turkey's defense expenditure, which was 2020 billion liras in 93,91, increased by 5,44% to 2021 billion liras in 99,02. However, defense spending declined in dollar terms due to the changes in the exchange rate. It was stated that Turkey's defense expenditure, which was 2020 billion dollars in 13,39, will be 2,53 billion dollars in 2021 with a decrease of 13,05%.

Turkey's defense spending plans
Graphic: Defense Turk | Data: Defense Expenditure of NATO Countries (2014-2021) | Values ​​are in millions.

Since 2021 has not been completed yet, it is early to evaluate the data in detail. The last important element that can be taken into account regarding the document is the information that Turkey has allocated 2020% of its defense expenditures in 28.25 to equipment expenditures. The document states that this number has increased to 2021% in 29.05. In the report, in which 2013-2020 data were given, it was stated that a share of 2020% was allocated to equipment expenditures in 34,20. In 2013-2020 data, 2020 data is stated as 2014 and 2021 in 2020-2021 data as forecast / incomplete. Therefore, there may be various changes in the final data to be published in the coming years, although not very large.

Source: Defense Turk

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