Turkish-made Drone Kargu-2 UAV Detects and Destroys the Enemy with Intelligent Algorithm

Turkish made drone kargu uav detects and destroys the enemy with smart algorithm
Turkish made drone kargu uav detects and destroys the enemy with smart algorithm

Taking part in the war against the putschist Haftar forces in Libya, the Turkish-made Kargu-2 broke new ground in world history. Kamikaze drone shot down an enemy soldier on its own initiative.

In the report submitted to the UN Security Council, it was stated that the Kargu-2s detected live Haftar targets and carried out an autonomous attack in line with the information in the database thanks to the artificial intelligence feature, without receiving prior commands, and emphasized that this is a first in the world history.

Made a Great Echo in the World Press

The United Nations report states that the autonomous attack of the Kargu-2s was the first example of an attack carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles on their own initiative, and it was stated that the attack was carried out with a Turkish-made autonomous kamikaze drone Kargu-2 equipped with explosives.

The news was made headlines by some media outlets with the words "The age of killer robots may have already begun" and the success of Kargu-2, which has artificial intelligence technology that will change the course of wars, "Drones attacked humans completely autonomously for the first time".

Turkey's new generation kamikaze drone Kargu-2 is designed for asymmetric warfare and counter-terrorism operations. Kargu-2, produced by STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc., is defined as a rotary wing national striker UAV solution that can operate autonomously or remotely.

Enemy soldier followed and attacked

Turkish-made kamikaze drones played a large part in the victory of Libyan government forces against the putschist Haftar militia. It was stated that during the conflicts in Libya, Kargu-2 attacked one of Khalifa Haftar's soldiers on its own initiative, without taking any command from the operator.

The United Nations report does not contain any information on whether there was a death after the drone attack. The Turkish-made kamikaze drone was praised for working “quite effectively” in autonomous mode without the need for human control. The Kargu-2 can be used effectively against fixed or moving targets with its original real-time image processing and deep learning algorithms.

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